Sisters Doing it for Themselves

We sat down with She Protein founders and sisters Jessica and Geraldine, to understand how She Protein came about and how they play off each others strengths to create such a successful brand. Let’s meet the two boss ladies that make the magic happen…

How did She Protein come to life?

At the time we embarked on SheProtein there were very few protein brands that were female friendly. Although we’d both been taking them for years, so few of our friends understood the benefits of protein as part of a balanced nutrition and workout plan, plus many expressed negative associations of them being masculine products for bulking up and bodybuilding. We felt strongly that there should be a range specifically for women that would help educate them and give them the confidence to take them; so we set about creating one that could do just that.

How do you work together being siblings?

Surprisingly well. Even though we have similarities in our personalities and attitudes, our skill sets are very different and that enables us to fulfil our own distinct roles without clashing.

Do each of you have different strengths?

Definitely. Geraldine is a personal trainer, nutritionist and yoga teacher so she brings invaluable health and wellness expertise, whereas I’m the more ‘business’ minded of the two and handle the majority of the product development, operations and marketing.

How did you choose the colour and style of the brand?

Thankfully my background is as a copywriter for a marketing and advertising agency so we’ve had the benefit of great creative input. We wanted the brand to be simple, stylish and confident, without being cliché girly. Hopefully we’ve achieved that.

How do you drink yours?

I drink mine as part of a breakfast smoothie after a run, usually mixed with unsweetened almond milk and sometimes other ingredients too, whereas Geraldine will always have hers just with water immediately after a workout to maximise results.

What makes She Protein different from other brands?

We’re one of the only protein brands that has been all about women from the outset. Many female protein powders on the market are offshoots of pre-exiting brands and we believe that often shows in the product. Time after time we have women try our shakes and say that they’re nothing like others they’ve tried, which is largely because ours have been formulated for a female palate, unlike the thicker, chalkier ones out there.

What is a typical day like for you?

We both have very different days. Geraldine’s are generally a blur from start to finish as she’s a mum of four and has to juggle running yoga classes, personal training clients, SheProtein and looking after the kids. In contrast my days usually begin with a run or spin class and are then followed by several hours at my laptop and on the phone.

What is your go to exercise when you are busy?

I’ve always been a cardio girl. I tend to run most days as it gives me chance to really clear my head and I also find it the most time efficient way to exercise; you can just throw on your trainers and go! Geraldine tends to workout with her clients where she can or gets to the gym early to squeeze in a weights session.

What is your favourite breakfast food?

Eggs! Both of us love scrambled eggs, especially with smoked salmon and avocado, maybe even a cheeky bagel at the weekend as a treat.


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