British Summer Time Begins: Wake Up with Intention

The clocks are changing and we can get ready for that much needed extra hour and more daylight.  And, what better way that to use this hour than getting outside.  Whether its a run, walking your pooch or getting to the gym, we can all ‘high five’ this extra hour. Who is a morning person or a night owl?

Tips for a morning workout:
  1.  Keep your alarm at a distance
  2. Lay out your fav active wear the night before
  3. Make your bed.  Once the alarm goes off, turn on the lights and make your bed.  No getting back in then 🙂
  4. Grab a friend.  Once you have a time to meet you make yourself accountable to each other.
  5. Find a workout that actually makes you want to wake up
  6. If coffee is your thing… grab an eco cup and make yours a coffee to go!

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