Top Vegan Protein Brands

You’re nearly through Veganuary and feel like you have your new vegan menu and lifestyle covered, but what about vegan protein supplements? If you’re struggling on deciding what vegan protein brand you should try… we’ve put together a list of our top 3 favourite protein blends worth giving a go this Veganuary.


Neat Nutrition – Vegan Blend

Sourced from home grown crops in the British countryside, you’re guaranteed a premium quality product. They have devised a perfect blend of pea protein and hemp protein to deliver a great tasting vegan protein shake.

Curated specifically for vegetarians and vegans, or those who suffer with food intolerances, the vegan blend contains awesome levels of all the essential amino acids, including the all-important branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), including lysine.


Free Soul

Free Soul wanted to create something smart, effective, and backed by real science – “real nutrition to women” and maintain a no BS approach to their high-quality products.  Their vegan blend is made up of a mix of pea and hemp protein along with an impressive amount of extra nutrients like magnesium, maca and iron to help support optimal hormone function and bone health. With lots of delicious flavours to choose from, Free Soul allow you to get creative with your shake and recover faster from your workouts!


Missfits Nutrition

Missfits have set about to try and demystify the magical ‘macro’. This premium pea protein isolate blend contains no sugar and absolutely nothing artificial. Added essential nutrients leave you feeling your best both inside and out. Perfect for after exercise, in the morning or as a snack to nourish your body. They claim their products won’t turn you into Superwoman or a Unicorn Rider. But figure that’s alright, because you’re awesome enough already. Keeping  things plain and simple. Just great tasting, all natural, low sugar, everyday protein products.

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