VEGANUARY – 5 Top Tips To Get You Through The Month

Active In Style are here to give you top tips during Veganuary, along with a few recipe ideas and inspiration. Our tips will make it easy for anyone, whatever stage of the journey you’re at, to make the most of Veganuary.

1. Plan Ahead

Meal prepping can be intimidating at first, but after you get the hang of it, it becomes super easy!

Over time, planning becomes less important, because vegan becomes the new normal, but in the early days, meal plans can help boost your confidence in the kitchen, provide variety and flavour in your diet and ensure you’re getting a lot of good nutrients. PLUS who wouldn’t want to try Hazel Wallace’s AKA The Food Medic – BLUEBERRY BUCKWHEAT PANCAKES WITH BERRY COMPOTE recipe?

2. Veganise The Food You Love

While you’re transitioning to a vegan diet it can be tough to break old habits. Keeping things familiar can help. So, if you’re bonkers for burgers, just find a veggie burger that you like, or cook up a cruelty-free version. Spag bol, lasagne or pizza – these can totally be vegan, and just as delicious!  

3. Restaurant research 

Find out about nearby veg-friendly restaurants. This could be the excuse you’ve been waiting for to break the routine and try somewhere new! Our eating-out guide rates the most vegan-friendly chain restaurants. 

4. Find plant base alternatives 

Missing meat and dairy? Try the ever-growing number of substitute products. Whatever your preference, there’s a non-dairy milk with your name on it. We like unsweetened almond milk on cereal, and oat milk in tea and coffee. Try a few, and find the ones you like. There are also the ‘accidental vegan products’Walkers Prawn Cocktail Crisps. Oreos. Co-op jam doughnuts. Hobnobs. All consigned to history as you march into a vegan future. But wait! Actually, they’re all vegan. Surprised? We were too. Loads of products are, sometimes unexpectedly, ‘accidentally vegan’. So before you give up on being able to eat Sainsbury’s chicken flavour instant noodles, check the ingredients first.

5. Mistakes can happen 

Forgive yourself! If you’re keen to try veganism, but find you fall off the wagon, don’t assume that veganism isn’t for you. You’re just a vegan who made a mistake. That’s OK, we’re all human. Just start again. Every day you eat plant-based is a wonderful thing, so don’t worry too much about the odd hiccup.

Thank you to for helping us with some top tips to get through Veganuary!


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