Want to enjoy Christmas with your loved ones without completely sabotaging your normal healthy routine? Well, fear not – it’s totally possible! Here are some great tips on how to manage your food and fitness over the festive period.



1. Veggies first!

When you go to fill your plate, whether it be on Christmas day or during December, make sure you focus on the vegetables. Once you’ve got a great base of a variety of colourful veggies, you can then head to the proteins (think turkey/a plant-based alternative if you are vegan), and then the things you enjoy like roast potatoes and all the trimmings.



 2. Stock up on delicious alternatives.

We are lucky to have a huge variety of tasty ‘healthier’ treats nowadays which are readily available. While those around you tuck into the sugar-laden boxed chocolates, get yourself some refined sugar free and vegan chocolate truffles (Booja Booja are divine) and indulge without getting that sugar hangover the day after.

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 3. Manage the booze.

Talking of hangovers – a great way to avoid feeling awful the next day is to watch your alcohol consumption. This isn’t to say you should completely forego alcohol, but maybe aim to keep it to one glass of champagne before the meal, and then a glass of wine with your Christmas dinner. This way, you’ll be feeling sprightly on boxing day and ready to get a great sweat on!



 4.Be wary of the condiments

Sauces like bread sauce and gravy are delicious, but they’re also full of fat and are high-calorie without us realising we are consuming that much of them. If you’re not a huge fan of them, you could give them a miss, but if you’re keen to indulge, then just be aware of the amount you put on your plate, instead of drowning everything in bread sauce!



 5. Vegan tips

If you’re vegan but you’re celebrating Christmas day with meat-eaters, why not make yourself a vegan nut roast, or bring a store-bought one? Planet Organic is packed full of tasty vegan Christmassy options, so head there and stock up and show those meat-eaters how tasty plant-based can be!



6. Offer to make dessert

If you want to indulge in dessert but aren’t keen on gorging on the store-bought, ready-made options your family tend to purchase, make a batch of refined sugar free brownies to bring to the table! This way you’ll also know exactly what goes into the sweet treats you’re enjoying. Madeleine Shaw has some great recipes on her blog.

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7. Wait before going for seconds

It takes about 20 minutes for the body to register it is full and doesn’t in fact want or need any more food, so before you go in for the second round of Christmas dinner, pause a little and decide if you really are hungry enough to fit it in.


Above all, enjoy yourself! Christmas is for spending time with your loved ones, and a couple of days off track won’t sabotage your entire healthy lifestyle. If anything, it’ll give you motivation to get back on it come January!


Natasha Howe (@speltandspaghetti),

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