Pretty Athletic – Skincare for the Active Woman

The skincare brand designed specifically for the active women… When you exercise, sweat and shower frequently it can strip away the skins key lipid components which are your skins crucial barriers. This can then cause clogged pores, redness, irritation, dehydration and inflammation… Not really how we want our skin to look or feel. Luckily for us Pretty Athletic have developed a range of skincare products that are Vegan and made from at least 95% natural ingredients, using essential oil blends rather than fragrance to look after our skin.  We’ve tried and tested them for you and broken them down to help match a variation of skincare routines… Not only this we also have the ENTIRE NEW COLLECTION to GIVEAWAY. To enter simply head to our Instagram or click below.





For the Gym bag – The Cool Down Kit

This miniature kit is the perfect size to throw in your gym bag, for the days when you need to make a quick change in the gym bathroom. The set includes; Gel body Moisturiser, Purifying Gel Cleanser, Cell Repaid Serum and the Invigorating Shower Scrub… No more having to use the generic body and hair wash combo that you find yourself presented with.


If you have zero time to squeeze in a shower the Cool Down Purifying Gel is perfect to wash your face with after your workout and topped off with a little Cell Repair massaged into the face, this will have you looking fresh and ready to tackle that afternoon meeting or brunch with the girls.


If you’ve got the time and facilities for a shower the Invigorating Shower Scrub will cleanse and remove the sweat before rehydrating the skin with the Hydration Kick Gel Body Moisturiser.


This small kit really has you covered for whatever post workout situation you find yourself in.






Bed time routine:

We like to treat our face to a 5 minute mask before bed, layer on the Cool Down Purifying Gel Cleanser made with Aloe Vera, cucumber and chamomile, that will leave you feeling chilled and zen ready to hit the pillow. After rinsing off massage a drop or two of the Recovery Boost Cell Repair Serum into the face that will restore the skins natural barriers and help fight the signs of environmental damage.









Pre workout & Post workout:

Don’t miss that pre workout cleanse, it’s just as important as the post workout… With the Workout Glow in an easy spray bottle it’s never been easier to keep your skin clean, nourished and hydrated. Simply spray on to the face and wipe off with a cotton pad before and after exercising . It’s botanical blend of Rose and Calendula will leave your skin feeling clean, nourished and hydrated.









The must have Moisturiser:

This is the must have for any active women… If you’re a regular sweater and a frequently shower then making sure your skin is hydrated and nourished is absolutely vital. Pretty Athletics’ Gel Body Moisturiser gives your skin the perfect hydration kick it needs, it’s super lightweight, packed full of botanical oils, nourishing vitamins and antioxidants making it easy for your skin to absorb and will leave it feeling energized and soft to touch.






And the best bit… You can WIN the entire collection by heading to our Instagram

(Competition running from Saturday 17th November 2018 till Tuesday 20th November 2018)

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