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Being a fitness instructor requires you to be fit, motivational, dedicated and punctual.  This is especially tough when you mix your schedule with a full time job and then finding time to relax and be social.  We caught up India Bailey who does exactly that.  As a 9 to 5 India works in events at Soho house and all the central London houses and in addition is Head of Cycle at Core Collective.  She had a passion for fitness and a drive to achieve.  We asked her how she does it all and how to inspire you to do that same.







Tell us what your average day looks like.

My average day usually starts around 7:30 am, unless I am teaching an early class before work in which case it’s closer to 5:30 (gross, I know). I try as hard as I can (when I am not tempted by the snooze button) to meditate for 20 minutes before getting out of bed – my preferred style of meditation is Transcendental Meditation, otherwise known as TD Meditation. This is a more demanding form of meditation which usually requires 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the afternoon, let’s just say that I do my very best! Next is breakfast which I still stand by as being best meal of the day (sleep is just a time machine to breakfast) – I wish I eat eggs because I know they are meant to be the healthier choice for breakfast but I can’t stand them.  In this case, I opt for some delicious Artisan bread with chunky peanut butter and berries. After a very speedy dress-session and makeup (rare), I take the Central Line to work in Soho where I start my day job at Soho House curating the events programme for the Central London Houses. My evenings tend to vary between: teaching, event cover or some much-needed social time. I prioritize (sometimes to a fault) and covet the luxury of having 8 hours sleep, as it’s the only way I can do what I do and have a smile on.





What is your workout routine?

Because teaching spin requires you to actually do the work and stay strong for your clients, that is my cardio done. Due to the time constraints that come along with working two jobs, I need to fit those much-needed weight training sessions in where I can! I am a member of Third Space in Soho which is just a walk away from the office (my #2 choice to Core Collective of course). This is where I do my own workouts or partake in 45 minute classes that focus on strength and flexibility. In the summer, I really try to capitalize on the beautiful weather by going outside and playing tennis or going on long runs. In the winter, that’s when I try to escape to the slopes (a tougher venture since we don’t have the alps on our doorstep)! Being from Vancouver, Canada the natural outdoors really bring my spirit to life and help me stay sane.




How do you eat healthily?

I am not a health-freak, however, I listen to my body. I don’t believe there to be a ‘one-size-fits-all’ program with regards to nutrition, since everyone’s body is unique. The best way to go about this is: before you start cutting things out, write a food journal! Test things out, see how your body feels and what it might react to and monitor your mood levels – do this for a month and see how it goes. I know my body doesn’t like diary so I try to avoid it where I can. Staying healthy is not always easy but it’s all about balance. Allow yourself space to be imperfect (whatever that means to you) with your diet. The way I have trained myself to think is, before making a rash decision, think about it for about a 1 minute before committing if you feel you might not feel great afterwards. But if you want a treat once and a while, treat yourself! Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed.



When on the move what is your favourite go to snack or cafe?

Honestly, I am obsessed with Pret Popcorn and their Muesli Bowl. Those are my two go-to choices as there is a Pret on every corner. I love Barebells’ Salty Peanut Bars as well. Cafe wise – I am not trying to be biased here but Core Collective does have some of the most delicious, healthy and pretty food selection in the city.



How long have you been a spin instructor?

I have been a Spin Instructor since June 2017.




What inspired you to do this job too?

After returning home from University to Vancouver, I found my passion for spin. The dark room, the sweat and the electric atmosphere had me buzzing from the get go. The first time was tough, but when I met this wild woman, my instructor- everything changed.. I was in awe – she had more energy and swagger than I had ever seen in my life. She, paired with the way the exercise made me feel truly alive – are the reasons I became an instructor. With every class my confidence grew – and I earned my way to the respected front row. –. She was an inspiration and it spurred me on to strive to be the leader of the pack – and I wasn’t going to stop until I got there! Although I was moving to London, her inspiration and confidence in me pushed me to pursue my goal of being an instructor in a new city. Fast forward two years and I now lead the team as the Head of Cycle at Core Collective.



How long did it take for you to train for this job? and being able to speak and take part yourself.

It took me a few months of training before becoming an instructor but the journey itself has been the biggest teacher of all – you have to be incredibly vulnerable and from vulnerability, strength is born. With every class I learn, as I listen to client’s needs and focuses – I want to be able to empathize with my client so that I can provide them with the relevant tools, instruction and environment to support their goals.




What steps would you recommend to anyone wanting to get into the fitness industry?

Talk to people who are in the industry, learn from their journeys. Depends on what you want to do but it’s such an incredibly rewarding industry to be in. You are surrounded by people who want to be better versions of themselves – you get to witness their fight, determination and ambition to be better than the person they were yesterday.

  1. Focus: Find a particular class you wish to teach, start out with a specific goal in mind
  2. Connection: Find an instructor that inspires you and that you connect with – use this person as a mentor and let them walk you through what it’s really like
  3. Reconnaissance: Go to different studios and observe – the good, the great, the bad and the ugly and write this all down – learn from mistakes so you can avoid making the same yourself
  4. Certification: Get certified in the field you are passionate in
  5. Where? Find the gym or studio that aligns with YOUR MORALS. I think this is the most important lesson – once you understand your morals and convictions then match up with a company that honours and promotes a culture that reflects this. This is the key to happiness, pals.




India is Head of Cycle at Core Collective.  See her class schedule at

You can also see her adventures @india_bailey

India wears Avenue C Claremont legging and Callista bra in Midnight.  Available online now at

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