Top tips to reset and get set for the party season…

October has arrived and it’s the perfect opportunity to reset your mind and body for the party season. Make the end of autumn all about  making time for YOU. With Christmas fast approaching and diaries bursting with social events, there’s no better time to take this month to slow things down a little and look after yourself so you can really sparkle…


With that in mind, we want to share with you our top 10 tips for how we’re going to be making time for ourselves to reset… We’ve even created a little October Checklist for you to download and write down how you’re going to make time for you.


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    Take a bath – They’re the perfect excuse to really take some time to yourself – and relax! Much better than a quick shower post workout, and you can’t fully relax and switch off standing up with the temperature and water pressure constantly changing in the gym…

  • Digital detox – Hold down that side button and swipe right to turn off your phone… That’s right turn it off, just for 20 minutes and pick up a book or a magazine and give your eyes a break from that blue light.




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  • A new class – Try something slower paced, we all live life these days at 1000mph. So rather than hitting the gym for some heavy weights, interval sprints or a HITT class, dare yourself to try something slower… A yoga, barre or Pilates class, this will challenge you in new ways and the burn factor will still be felt.


  • Less alcohol – Switch your evening drinks to breakfast or brunch coffees/juices dates… Maybe even try Go Sober for October and raise money for those living with cancer whilst doing good for your own heath. Click here to get involved




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  • Give yourself some Zzz – The amount of sleep for us all varies but as a guideline we’re advised to get between 7 and 9 hours every night. Treat yourself this October and make sure your getting the minimum of 7… The bed time function on an iPhone is great for this, simply tell it your awake up time and how long you want to sleep for and it will kindly let you know when to get to bed to make sure you get your full sleep.


  • At home pamper session – we love a good face mask, especially after a long day in the office with the recycled air being churned through the ventilation, nothing beats getting in, washing our face and putting on a face mask… We’ve even been known to apply a late afternoon one in the office – for investigative journalism purposes of course! 😉






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  • Hair treatment – Summer is likely to have dried your mane out and with the party season around the corner and all of us wanting to look and feel our best, nourish those locks with an at home hair treatment and the shine and bounce will be back ready for the festive season. We LOVE coconut oil as well…


  • Hit up the local beauty counter and book in for a free make-up consultation – No harm to your bank balance and no make-up bag full of products you brought before actually trying them. You get to try a new look, learn a trick or two and try out products that you’ve not yet built up the courage to splash out on… Once the parties                                                                         start you’re bursting with confident and perfected your perfect party look.


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  • De-Clutter your wardrobe – Organise it, section it, colour coordinate it and pop away the summer dresses and cute camisole tops… Allow yourself room for all the snuggly knits and coats and make getting ready in a rush a little more zen…





  • Buy yourself some flowers – Daylight hours are short and if you’re leaving for work when it’s still dark and getting home past sunset, it can be quite hard to adjust to the lack of light. Add some colour to your home with a bunch of flowers which will be sure to brighten up the darker evenings.





To help you out and get you on track ready for October we’ve created a little checklist that you can download and set your own own goals… Print it off and pop it on your fridge, screen shot it on your phone and upload it to your insta stories… What ever you do, do it for you and make this October your best yet!







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