What’s in our gym bag…


We delved into our gym bags (and fought our way through the mess of old lipstick, sweet wrappers and receipts…) and pulled out our FIVE gym bag must-haves – to help make sure you get the most from every workout and enjoy yourself… Happiness is key!






Now, what girl doesn’t love a little bit of beauty!? We’re not fans of training with a full face of makeup ourselves – we’re the ones sweating before the class has even started… But we do want to look and feel our best and make sure we’re looking after our skin – sweat isn’t the kindest if it’s not rinsed off post workout – so skincare is essential…







Pre Workout

A swish of Eyeko London’s Yoga Waterproof Mascara to extend, lift & curl the lashes. However much to sweat and rubbing of your eyes, this mascara won’t go anywhere… No need to worry about looking like a panda 🐼


A slick of Dr Lipp on the lips will keep them hydrated – and should you be suffering from any sore blisters on your paws this works a dream on them too.


Post workout

Wash away the hard-earned sweat from your workout – we always have Balance Me’s Pure Skin Face Wash to hand, this will refresh, cleanse and re-balance the skin. Finish off with the Vitamin C Repair Serum, designed to rehydrate, reduce pigmentation and brighten your complexion… This is the perfect post-workout face treatment, as it’s a serum it allows the skin to continue breathing (and sweating) post-workout without clogging up your pores.


We keep all our beauty essentials together in a personalised McHugh Lifestyle make up bag , as who doesn’t love a personalised goodie? Also stops anyone mistaking it for theirs in the changing rooms…






Pre and post workout snacks are a vital part of an active lifestyle and also for the survival in the office… We can’t understand those that don’t love a good snack… Here at Active In Style our drawers are full of yummy and somewhat healthy snacks to get us through our busy days. We’re constantly gazing at the shelves of our fave organic stores for new snacks to try but there will always be, a Rude Health bar or two, a packet of Love Corn and a tin of California Walnuts buried in our gym bags. Natch.









Hair Ties

You can never have enough, however many you buy you can still never find one and we just can’t workout without one.  Our branded Active In Style Hair Ties also double as super cute wristbands and keep the locks safely out of the way and styled up in a pony or top knot when you’re stretching it out.











Laundry Bag

What to do with that post workout sweaty, wet, damp gym kit that needs to be separated from everything else in our gym bags? A laundry bag for your kit is a must! But don’t worry – you’ll get one FREE with every order at Active in Style, so now you’ve no excuses as to why your clean clothes accidentally have the same fragrance as your PE kit…











The Outfit

The most important part of any workout… Duh! A gym outfit that makes you feel amazing and comfortable automatically puts you in a good mood – and naturally an epic workout follows. With Autumn ever closer, get set for the NEW season and discover your new workout wardrobe staples with The Edit. Choose from playful prints, chic colour-ways and EXCLUSIVE designs.


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