Renegade Recipes… Banana Protein Ice Cream

With the heatwave here to stay (enough already!) and Whey Box arriving as a gift with every purchase at Active in Style, we thought we’d treat you to the best afternoon snack  or post workoutr treat out there in these rising temperatures… You guessed it, ice cream!


This recipe is super easy to make, with minimal washing up or mess (WIN!) In this heat, we don’t have the energy for fuss in this weather. When will this heat quit?!


To make this Renegade Recipe of Banana Ice Cream with added protein,  you will need:


x1  banana

70ml (approx.) milk of your choice (we used oat for ours…)

x1 sachet of Whey Box protein


Some people love to eat ice cream straighty one eighty from the bowl – and others (the AiS Squad) love a cone and a decoration (or five…) so serve it however you wish! Now, let’s get started…



Making the Ice Cream mixture:


Cut the banana into slices and freeze for min 2 hours. We like to have a bag of ‘nanas in the freezer ready for smoothies – so just add banana ice cream to the list of reasons why they need to take up freezer space!


Plece one frozen banana, cut into slices into a food mixer, then add around 70ml of milk, and with the mixer blend the ingredients until they are soft and smooth – think about the end result: soft-serve. Once you are happy with the mixture add your Whey Box protein sachet and blend into the mixture to give your ice cream an added healthy boost.


Then comes the science bit… Pop the mixture into a container (ours has a cat on) and place it in the freezer for an hour or so, making sure the mixture has frozen firm enough to use an ice cream scoop and serve. If you don’t think it’s quite set, then leave it in for a little longer – it’s all down to your taste!


Once you are happy with the mixture, get ready to serve. The minimalists among you may want to go big with a bowl, whereas others will want to serve in a cone (don’t forget there are now gluten free cones available!) and cover in wafer daisies and edible glitter and any other toppings you can find!


We hope you enjoy your banana ice cream as much as we did! And remember to share your Banana Ice Cream makes with us by tagging us on the ‘Gram @activeinstyle – we look forward to seeing how you decorate yours!


To get your free Whey Box sachet, place an order online at Active In Style before midnight on the 31st of July.


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