Travel tips for staying fit and healthy on holiday

‘Travel tips for staying fit and healthy on holiday’ 


With an increasing number of individuals embarking on a ‘health kick’ this year, there’s no escaping the profound pressure – and to some extent, a desire – to stay ‘in shape’ on holiday. For many, their active regime is synonymous with their 9-5, having the luxury to book on to a class when motivation wavers and being able to opt for a ‘low calorie’ option in restaurants, your local coffee shop and even the supermarket meal deal. However, when the comfort blanket of routine is stripped away from us, all hell can break loose. Suddenly the opportunity to lay horizontal for 10 days whilst consuming copious amounts of cocktails and ice cream replaces our green juice, goddess bowls and workout routine.


So, as the airport looms, I hear your screams: ‘911, we have an emergency’, ‘HELP’, ‘SOS’, ‘Where do I go from here!?’


Fear not, we’ve got you. Your holiday doesn’t have to be a cause of stress or anxiety. It doesn’t have to mean taking 12 leaps backwards in your endeavour to be a ‘vision of health’. And it certainly doesn’t mean you have to remain a teetotal Tina, skip the hotel breakfast and spend more time in the gym than on a sun lounger.



There’s no denying that when we get out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we seek ease, comfort and convenience. So, don’t turn up to the airport with the expectation that each day you’re going to go above and beyond to seek out the leanest protein source within 12km of the beach. Pack some essentials to set you up for success with EASE.

We all know that we should start the day with a hit of protein, so? Slip in a sachet of ‘The Whey Box’ into your beach bag to have with your hotel breakfast or whilst you’re chilling by the pool. With just one swipe of a packet you’ve transformed your oats into a balanced breakfast, turned your sour yoghurt into a flavour-full bowl of dreams or given that freshly made smoothie a new lease of life.  It’s quick, it’s simple, but with protein slowing down the rate of digestion, your tummy will feel fuller for longer leaving you able to opt out of the mid-morning poolside pancake run.



With brands such as ‘Chilly’s’ creating the bottle to solve all ‘this-water-was-cold-this-morning-but-now-you-could-boil-an-egg-in-it’ problems, staying hydrated is easy. Fill it up at breakfast, top it up at lunch and make sure you’re having another before heading up to shower the sand off before dinner.

Hydration really is key; make sure you’re staying on top of your water consumption to keep your skin hydrated, appetite suppressed and cognitive functions firing, securing your place as a valuable member of the all-important quiz team.


It’s no surprise that many of us want to unwind with a glass of wine, get our dancing shoes on with a cocktail or settle down with a refreshing Rekorderlig. You’re on holiday, it’s your chance to let your hair down, RELAX. But, whilst I’m not about to tell you to avoid a Mojito like the plague, just be a little switched on: you can see Paulo pile the sugar into it, so, enjoy it, but perhaps not every round. Stick to clear spirits and low-calorie mixers (slim line tonic is a personal favourite) instead of channelling your inner Carrie Bradshaw and endeavouring to live on a lifeline of Cosmo’s.



The easiest way to keep your body moving on holiday is to take advantage of your surroundings: take a stroll along the beach, explore the local culture and see what your area has to offer. No, exercise isn’t all about burning calories but for the average female an hour long walk burns more calories than an hour lifting weights: so, if you’re looking to maintain your beach body, grab a pal and go for a stroll. You don’t have to isolate yourself to the confines of a sub-par gym with no air conditioning; you won’t lose all your hard-earned muscle in a week, I promise you.



You’ve heard it before (and you’re about to hear it again): ‘MODERATION, NOT DEPRIVATION’. There’s no need to spend your time out of the office avoiding carbs, cocktails and pain au chocolat. But, it’s worth remembering this is not your only opportunity to indulge: the food will always be there. Have a little bit, and a lot of the good stuff. A bread roll doesn’t have to be a gateway to the ‘f**k it’ mentality, four pizzas, a bottle of champagne and a share bar of chocolate. You can have what you fancy, and still be in control. So, let your hair down, enjoy your food, but remain conscious of when you’re satiated, what makes you happy, and when you could probably leave another lap of buffet for tomorrow.

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