BEST OF… Balance Festival

Best of Balance Festival


This May we headed to the much anticipated Balance Festival, to discover amazing new wellness tips, workouts and tasty treats (it’s a tough life in the Active in Style Squad…) And from all that inspiration and tasting we’ve selected the BEST OF Balance, just for you. We didn’t want you to miss a thing, so we’ve covered all bases from coffee and snacks to re-usable cups and beauty products.

We wouldn’t want to be rude and tell you how amazing, yummy and tasty the products were without letting you sample them for yourself so… we’ve teamed up with all our fave brands at Balance Festival, and we’re offering you the chance to WIN it all! Read on to find out more…


Special Occasion Drink… Punchy – Spiced Rum Punch


The world’s First 4% and 0% spiced Rum Punch, perfect for the drinkers and non drinkers alike 🙂 Something fresh and crisp , with a subtle after taste of ginger but not too much it makes you choke and overpowers every other flavour…. We’ve all been there with the ginger shots. With just 5 natural flavours there is no hidden nasties so we know exactly what we are putting in our body and won’t let all our hard work in the gym go to waste.


The perfect drink for non drinkers as it’s always nice to have a glass or bottle in hand even if you’re off the alcohol.




Punchy Drunk, on our favourite non alcoholic drink.


Daily Coffee fix… We Are Littles


Already our office favourite in Vanilla Bean, we are never without it! We were plesantaly introduced to Hazelnut at Balance Festival which was made into a Latte with oat milk….. And now we have a milk throther in the office. Completely instant so no fuss needed, deciding on the flavour is the hardest thing about this fab little coffee brand.



Making Hazel Nut lattes as easy as an Americano!

A healthy, nutritious hot chocolate… Boca Cacao

Cacco bean cubes, have you heard of anything cooler than this! This is a life changing 100% pure cacao drink that will satisfy the sweet tooth but at the same time provide you with all the antioxidants and essential minerals which are lost in regular hot chocolates as well as leave you without any sugar highs and lows. And all you need to go it pop a cube in a cup of hot water and stir. We’re excited for the winter now.


From bean to cube to a cup near you!



Beauty products… Pure Raw – Skinny Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is already a household cupboard essential today and most likely your using it to cook with, however did you know that by heating it up breaks down the enzyme bonds which makes it harder for our bodies to digest. These guys are the only 100% raw supplement graded coconut oil in the world, cooled and dehumidified to extract the oil and then crafted into the most divine beauty products, from lip balms to rose scented oil which is our favourite for taking our makeup off with after a long day in the office or to wash with post sweat session. As well as their signature Skinny Coconut oil perfect for adding to your daily diet to assist with boosting metabolism, long lasting energy and balancing hormones just to name a few.



Smells so good you want to eat it… yet you can!

Post workout or 4pm Snack… Whey Hey

You may already have seen these guys around, chilling in the ice cream cabinet in your local supermarket. However they have just launched three incredible protein brownies, peanut is our office favourite as it as well as real chocolate chunks you get peanuts too 🙂 alongside chocolate orange and chocolate coconut. These are the perfect 4pm snack or post workout, giving us a protein hit to fuel us to dinner or to aid our muscle recovery.



Whey have one when you can have three.


The must have re-usable cup… Sol Cup

We all love a morning stop at the local cafe, whether its a tea, latte or coffee everywhere is offering us money off our choice of beverage just by using our own reusable cup in hope to reduce landfill waste and protect our world for the generations to come. And we have found the perfect one to help us do so. Meet Sol Cup all the way from Australia, this hand blown glass cup with a BPA sleeve to keep our fingers safe from the heat. They even come with waterproof pouches so that we can chuck them in out handbags/gym bags and not worry about that last little drop that you can never get out but goes over everything when you accidentally knock it over in your bag. They really have thought of everything.


Saving all the pennies for more activewear.



Want to WIN all of these amazing goodies?! What are you waiting for? Head over to our Instagram for full details on entering. Don’t miss out, this competition ends 9am (GMT) Tuesday 29th May 2018

This could be all yours… we’ve even thrown in an Avenue C tank to celebrate its 1st Birthday.




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