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If you follow us on social media you would have seen the entrepreneurial babe, Becki Rabin, take over our stories for the day last week. As a dear friend of Active in Style, we have watched this amazing woman take the health and wellness industry by storm and couldn’t be more excited about sharing her story with you guys, because only showing you what she does in a day isn’t enough!


We remember having coffee with you over a year ago and you were telling us about your vision to create the online mag, you were so excited and energetic about the idea… can you tell our readers how you came up with the idea and what it’s all about? 

From the moment I started blogging, the concept was always to be a magazine rather than a blog but it just wasn’t necessarily the right time. I worked for 6 years as an Advertising Manager at Hearst Magazines UK, working on some of the world’s most iconic titles such as Harper’s Bazaar, Women’s Health and ELLE UK, and I felt there was a distinct gap in the market for an online wellness magazine that was written by industry leading experts, practitioners and coaches. A site that covered not only food or fitness but mind, spirit and soul too. We have access to more health content than ever before, yet we are more confused than ever before and more disconnected to our health then ever before and we aim to put a stop to that.


ALT/HEALTHY is an online premium natural health, healing and wellness magazine that curates and creates content with the industry leading experts to provide the richest wellness edit in London. We understand that healthy has a new meaning, a meaning that looks different on everyone – thus we aim to give you all the tools and resources you need to help shape the healthiest, happiest version of you. 


What steps did you take to go about launching it? 

I spent 6 months developing the concept into a written down plan, building a business plan, doing my research and really looking into the current wellness content market and what was missing. I then directed my focus on to looking at who we were, what our brand values were and then built the site myself. We then soft launched, pushing content through social and reaching out to experts and practitioners in the field and from there it has really taken off. Mainly because there seems to be such a demand for credible wellness content. 


How did you find the contributors?

I am personally an avid follower of most of my contributors and am inspired by their desire to always just help others and stay true to their message, without getting caught up in the ‘glamorisation’ of Instagram. I am super fussy about who I involve in the brand so I spend hours looking to make sure we get the right ones. I also get introduced to a lot of them through other experts too! 





What were some struggles or hurdles that you encountered in the early stages? 

Timing was the main one. I wanted to launch this years ago and it just never seemed to be the right time, both from my end and also the industry demand. Also belief in my vision and trusting in it. I was told it wouldn’t work by SO many people (including my old work) and for a while it stopped me from having the courage to pursue it. I also think one of the biggest hurdles was myself. I always got in my own way, trying to overthink or overplay and never just letting it roll out how it wanted to. This time I have sat back and let it follow the path it is meant to and not overthought the process and it has evolved quicker than I could have ever of planned. 


You are a Personal Trainer, influencer / blogger have another business (Brand Influence and Communications agency – @twoinfluence) and still maintain a killer stomach / bod – how do you do it all? 

Haha, I sound like a mad woman! To be honest, it is all time management and belief in my vision. I meditate a lot, I ensure I always have me time to just be creative and I am true believer of the saying ‘that when things are meant to be, they will be’. My exercise regime has changed a HUGE amount, I find that due to my high pressure and busy lifestyle, high intensity workouts were not complementing me and were in fact, making me more stressed. I now enjoy moving in ways that are a lot slower and make my body feel good. (That could be an age thing though!) Regarding the other business, we have it really well organised, we have employees and there are set days where I solely focus on that business and set days I focus on ALT/ but they actually cross over extremely well with most activities and campaigns. 


Any tips to our readers about starting a business?

It sounds so cliche but it really is believe in your vision. Hard work and drive support your chances of success but belief in the outcome and certainty really does guarantee it. Never give up, never let anyone tell you it isn’t possible, listen to people’s advice along the way and also learn to let people help you! I struggled with that for so long but you really can’t be a one man band all the time and other people’s help goes such a long way. 


We were lucky enough to attend your recent event / panel talk with Julie Montagu and Rhiannon Lambert.What exciting events do you have coming up that our readers need to go to? 

We have SO much lined up from more intimate workshops with just myself, to more panel talks that focus on motherhood, mastering your relationship with you, building a business in the wellness industry as well as some totally new projects and concepts that no-one in the industry is doing! I am SO excited to share everything we have been working on. 





What is your favourite way to exercise? 

I am really enjoying Yoga at the moment personally. I was a weight lifting bunny last year and whilst I think weights is so empowering for a woman and teaches us that strength is important and not to be so focused on aesthetics, yoga does something to your mindset and overall feeling that can’t be beaten. When I PT clients, I mix between weights, pilates, yoga and strength but tend to stay away from HIIT. 


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