We chat to Head of 1Rebel Brand Talilla Henchoz about R.A.P – Reuse. Recycle. Rehydrate – read on to find out what this is all about…


For our readers that don’t know who you are – tell us what you do and what you’re all about?

YO AIS squad. So I’m Head of Brand at London’s fitness boutique 1Rebel, which I’m happy to say is one off the most exciting fitness brands to be involved with right now. BIG things are happening. I’ve always been a bit of a ‘rebel’ at heart and so being able to create disruptive content around my passion of fitness is pretty damn exciting! Outside of 1R I’m a big fitness fanatic and non-stop traveller and serious sun baby – I’m always looking for my next adventure. Mt Toubkal in Morocco and Mt Kilimanjaro are happening before the summer! 


Tell us about your role at 1Rebel – what does a day look like for you? 

Well, at the moment pretty HECTIC. We have just launched our 3rd studio in SouthBank, with 3 more opening in the next few months. My day currently consists of making content, creating campaigns and communicating with our amazing #RebelArmy customers. I’m usually running around between studios, getting vibey with our creative team and of course smashing out a daily Reshape session (for the gains). 

Tell us about launching the first zero single-use plastic fitness studio… what was your motivation behind making this happen?

This is a project VERY close to my heart. It’s been on our radar for the last year and we’ve finally found the resources to make it happen which is amazing. We realised that using over 37,000 plastic water bottles (with a lifespan of only 45 minutes) was not ok and contributing to a disgusting amount of wastage within our oceans and overall planet. The initiative #RebelAgainstPlastic was born, which is a step-by-step process to be rolled out across all of our studios, with the hope that the rest of the London fitness scene will follow suit. 


Website here for more info:


Any tips for our readers to reduce plastic wastage?

The first thing that I can recommend is to acknowledge every plastic item you use in one day – note down everything. And then sit back and realise how much we actually consume as individuals- it’s overwhelming. Going plastic-free is the end goal but not an easily attainable solution for a lot of our current lifestyles. So, reducing the amount of single-use plastic is where you can start making a difference. I’m sharing a lot of regular tips over on my Instagram and we have outlined a few pointers here too


Tell us about your recent trip to Rwanda, what made you to decide to go and how did it impact your life?

Rwanda was INCREDIBLE. I’m hoping to head back this year and spend more time with Rwanda Aid, a charity who are working on some fantastic projects and initiatives with local communities. I wanted to use my side passion of photography to capture and promote some if the amazing work that the charity are doing whilst also getting involved in their day-to-day activities. More than anything it put everything in my current life into perspective. We visited Nkombo island, one of the poorest areas and gave over 100 children their first EVER pair of shoes. Their faces and that memory will stick with me forever. 


You are super fit, but a very successful busy woman – how do you find time to workout and what classes do you do in a typical week? 

Luckily with 1Rebel on my doorstep I don’t have much of an excuse to not hit up sessions on the regular. I was going pretty hard on the HIIT sessions so also try and mix it up with some reformer pilates and yoga to allow my body to recover. When I train I like to sweat HARD, but I’m also realising the importance of listening to my body when it needs rest and my foam roller has become my new best friend (that I love to hate…)

What is TJ’s go-to power breaky to set you up for a productive day? 

I usually opt for one of our 1Rebel smoothies- the ‘Kim’ is my favourite- think spinach, avocado, almond butter, coconut milk and Innermost vegan protein. The perfect post-session refuel. 


Favourite podcast at the mo? 

Lewis Howes is the man of the moment for me – his stuff is so on point and discusses so many interesting issues. Tony Robbins for motivational pick-me-ups and ‘How I built this‘ for insights into the world of some of the best entrepreneurs and start ups. 


Favourite artist or playlist at the mo

My song right now is Ex Calling by 6lack. It’s on repeat everyday, every hour. 


How do you wind down or switch off at the end of the day? (lol if you ever do) 

Sorry, switching off? Is that a thing? 

I joke (kind of). I’m getting a lot better at this and my 2018 goal was to start writing in my Happiness Planner every night and I tend to switch off during my workouts when I can tune into podcasts. I also challenge myself to walking to work some days during the week too and taking that time to be off my phone and engaging in the world around me! 

Follow me on @talillahenchoz for fitness, travel and plastic-free tips.

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