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Melissa Ambrosini is the ultimate bestie you always wished for. Her mission is to help women create a vibrant, fulfilling life — one that you’re actually excited to get out of bed in the morning for… She is a best-selling author, motivational speaker, and self-love and spiritual teacher – obviously, she is right up our street at Active in Style. We decided we just had to find out more about who she is and what this inspiring lady has been up to recently.


For our customers who haven’t discovered you yet, tell us your story, how did you first get in to life-coaching, motivational speaking, writing best selling books and hosting your number one podcast?

It all began back in 2010, when I hit rock bottom and ended up in hospital after burning the candle at both ends. Before that, I was a professional dancer, actress and TV presenter. And although that may sound really glamorous — and although it may have looked like I had a great life on the outside — on the inside I was dying. My health was plummeting, my relationships were toxic, I no longer liked the work I was doing, plus I was dealing with anxiety, panic attacks, depression and an eating disorder. Once I ended up in hospital that was a huge wake up call for me, and that’s what sparked me to turn my whole life around. From there, I wanted to get happy and healthy again so I made that my mission. I went on to study holistic nutrition and health and life coaching, and became a qualified yoga teacher. I learned how to meditate and studied Acu-energetics (energy healing work). But most importantly of all, I begin my inward journey to uncover the true me. From there, I started sharing what I was learning on this newfangled thing (that none of my family or friends had heard of) called a ‘blog’! I began sharing my lessons and learnings on my blog, in my ebooks, e-courses and talks. I knew I was onto something, because women were coming up to me in the street and saying, “Thank you so much for your honesty, I thought I was the only one who dealt with eating issues and a lack of self love.” Since 2010 I have stayed on my path and true to my mission, which is to inspire women to unlock their full potential and live the life of their dreams. Everything I do and create is with that intention in my mind and heart.


Had you always wanted to work in the personal development area or did you take a career change?

No not at all. I didn’t even know you could make a career out of being a self love and spiritual teacher. And if you had have told me that was what I would be doing, I am not sure I would have believed you… I believe the Universe is always giving us messages and it’s our job to listen. For me, I needed a pretty heavy wake-up call — like ended-up-in-hospital style — for me to listen to the Universe, sort my health and life out, and get me on my true path which I am on now.

Describe a typical day-in-the-life-of Melissa…

No two days are ever the same (thank goodness) because that would be super boring. But I will give you a run down of a common day in summer here in Australia.

● I wake pretty early in summer — around 5:15am — and do my morning routine. The first few hours of the day are dedicated to me and my family. I start my day by connecting with my husband and we always ask each other what three things we’re grateful for. I then meditate for 20 minutes, do some movement — either F45, a walk or some yoga, and if it’s summer, I’ll add in a dip in the ocean (or what I like to call an ‘Aura cleanse’).

● Once I’ve had my morning time for me, I start ‘work’ around 8:30am-ish (though I can hardly call what I do work because I love it so much).

● I work until lunch time, making sure I do all my most important tasks (MIT’s) first thing so I get them done.

● I then make a delicious healthy lunch at home and enjoy it mindfully in the sun with my husband.

● We live on the beach, so after lunch I may go for another swim if I feel like it.

● The afternoon is usually meetings, going to the post office, a catch up or cup of tea with a friend, school pick up, team calls or more work.

● I end my day with another 20 minute meditation before making a healthy and delicious meal for my family.

● And after dinner, we will head to the beach again for a walk and another swim before heading to bed super early — like 8:30am early 😉


Tell us about your best-selling book Mastering Your Mean Girl?

You know that sneaky voice inside your head telling you that you’re not good enough, smart enough, skinny enough, whatever enough? That’s your Mean Girl. She’s doing her damnedest to keep you “safe” — which means paralysed by fear and self-doubt, and too scared to go after the life you dream of. Mastering Your Mean Girl is a practical guidebook for mastering your inner critic, so you can create your own version of a kick-ass life — one that’s wildly wealthy, fabulously healthy and bursting with love. I always recommend this book to people who feel stuck, uninspired, and disillusioned… it’s like a loving kick-in-the-butt meets action plan that will help you get out there and bring your wildest dreams to life!


Now tell us about your latest book Open Wide…

I’m so excited that this baby is now out in the world! Open Wide is the definitive guide to creating fulfilling and intimate relationships for the modern woman. Want to call in your soul mate? Take your relationship to the next level? Experience mind-blowing and deeply soulful sex? You’ll find all that (and truckloads more) in these pages. So much relationship advice out there is unrealistic and unhelpful, or just skates over the surface, so it was really important to me to be as open, real, and raw as possible in this book. And it’s safe to say, it goes DEEP — delving into areas that no one dares discuss, like how to fall (back) in love with your body, how to unleash your inner goddess… even how to experience toe-curling orgasms on demand. (Um, yes please!) I have been blown away by the feedback I’ve been getting already… Any women who are craving a juicier, sexier, more fulfilling life should definitely check it out 🙂

What is your favorite way to stay in shape? We noticed that you love F45 — how many times do you go a week, and do you do any other exercise?

I used to be a professional dancer, so I LOVE moving my body and the way it makes me feel. I believe we all sit way too much and we aren’t designed for it, so I make movement a top priority and make sure I do it every morning — that way I know it’s done for the day. At the moment, I love F45, yoga and walking, but in the past I have done pilates and dancing too. I travel a lot, so sometimes I do 3 classes at F45 and some weeks none. It doesn’t really matter what you do, as long as you move and you’re having fun in the process.


Give us a typical day on Melissa’s plate for breaky, lunch and dinner?

No two days are the same as eating the same thing over and over would get old very fast. I eat The Glow Kitchen way, which is a healthy green smoothie for breakfast, lunch and dinner are the same… protein, veggies and healthy fats with loads of clean filtered water in between. I eat all organic, wild caught seafood and organic grass fed and grass finished animal products.

Do you have a favourite athleisure brand? Or your go-to piece of athletic clothing?

I love BOD by Rachael Finch and Lorna Jane.


Your podcast The Melissa Ambrosini Show is AMAZING, which episode is your favourite and why should EVERYONE listen to it?

This is such a hard question because I honestly love every single episode. Each person I have on is someone I love and admire and who has inspired me on my journey… so can I say ALL OF THEM? If you want to live your best life, unlock your full potential, and be wildly wealth, fabulous healthy and bursting with love you will love every episode. (You can subscribe to her channel here)


We just love some of the questions that you ask on your podcasts, now we want to ask you some of them: What is one book that you would put in the school curriculum? (besides yours)

Again, such a hard question, but I think Conversation with God by Neale Donald Walsch — who was on my podcast and is one of the most downloaded episodes (so make sure you have a listen here). That book rocked my world, and I’ve given it to so many people. If you haven’t read it yet, get on it! 😉


In your opinion what can you do to be more abundant in health and wealth?

For more health abundance, make your health your top priority and not a postscript at the bottom of your to-do list. Make it part of your everyday life.

For more wealth abundance, appreciate what you have already. The Universe hears gratitude and will in turn give you more to be grateful more. #Amen


What are some of your daily non-negotiables?

I used to have a long list of non-negotiables, but you know what? Things happen, and I think being in the flow and being present with what is right in front of you is the most important thing we can do. In saying that, two things that seem to stick are meditation and movement because they make me feel so damn good.

Do you have any tips for someone just starting out on a self-love journey, or thinking about trying meditation for the first time!?

Read both Mastering Your Mean Girl and Open Wide and listen to my guided meditations. They are an epic place to start. And remember that just showing up every day is the work and you have succeeded.


What’s next for you?

I am about to go on tour around Australia with my musician husband to celebrate his music and my book. We are collaborating for the first time on our Open Wide Tour which is very exciting! It’s going to be a rock concert for your soul and a mind-blowing fusion of music, motivation and meditation.


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