Playlists to get you through the working week

We all struggle to find new music to listen to (guilty as charged for Beibs on repeat), but if you’re lucky like us and can get away with blasting out tunes in the office, you know that music has that magical power of relieving stress, pumping you up, releasing feelings of nostalgia, and bringing people closer together.

We’ve created some playlists for you from Monday to hump-day to Fri-yay! If you’re forced to sit in silence in your corporate skyscraper, just chuck in your headphones… But we can’t promise that you won’t get caught singing along to these tunes!

Monday – Ease Into It

You’re either feeling super fresh when you rock into the office on a Monday morning or, let’s face it, you’re the complete opposite – you may have even seriously considered calling in sick. Either way, start your Monday morning super chilll with some soothing sounds. Once you’re over the fact that the weekend is over and you have another 4 ½ days until the next, you’ll need something a little more upbeat and empowering to get those #girlboss juices flowing.


Tuesday – Get it DONE

Tuesday is for smashing goals – you’ll be feeling rested, fresh and in the working midset now. Checklist ready, coffee in hand, It’s time to crank these songs and work it!


Wednesday – Hump Day Vibes

Go you, you’re halfway there! Problem is, the weekend still seems so far away that you need a little more inspiration today. We can’t promise this playlist will help you break boundaries in neuroscience (unless that’s your field?) but hopefully it’ll get you through the day with some positive vibes.

Thursday – Nailing Life

Wooo, you’re nearly there! Just two more days to freedom… But you have to get so much done in those two days, so these jams will help get you get excited for the Friday, but will still ensure you tick everything (and then some) off your to-do list.


 Friday  Fri-yay

Let’s face it, you’re probably only going to be focused for the morning ’cause it’s Friday, and you’re too excited about where you’re going for dinner/drinks, and what you’ll wear. No way are you going to be in a bad mood at work so throw on some good singalongs and soulful beats to kick your weekend off just right.



Even if you’re not in the office, now that weather is warmer and the days are longer, there’s fresh motivation to go for long walks – all you need to do is add these playlists to your Spotify account… And update your SS’17 active wardrobe of course. We have so many beautiful pieces landing weekly in NEW IN made to see you leaping into the new season in style.

Happy listening fitfam!

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