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Last week on Valentines Day (I know how to treat myself) I went to Emma Walsh’s new fitness class, Methodology X, at The Detox Kitchen Studio. 12 girls sweating it out in an intimately lead class was, funnily enough, the best V-Day I’ve had yet. Challenging, fun and just the right amount of variation of techniques and movement. I would seriously recommend trying out the class and adding it into your fitness routine.


What Is Methodology X?

The roots of the class originate from Methodology XTM an intense, holistic, 28-day online workout for women devised by Dan Roberts (more on him below). An athletic, scientific and challenging exercise system, Methodology X is used by actresses, dancers and models to help them get into their ideal fitness and body shape for roles, photoshoots and international fashion weeks. Ahhh yes – gimme a bod like theirs please!

This unique skill based HIIT group class brings together elements of dance, martial arts, pilates and athletic conditioning using gym balls and blocks. Steeped in the Methodology X philosophy the class is designed to be empowering, fun and educational. Certified Methodology X instructors (Emma Walsh), who have been taught all of the secrets of the method from Dan personally, will guide and inspire you…and make you sweat! Regular attendees can create a toned and strong, but not bulky shape.

Class members can expect a personal experience more akin to a PT session which a large exercise class cannot offer. Attendees will also enjoy a mini meditation at the end of each session centred on positive body image and overall health and happiness.

Who is Dan Roberts? 

Dan Roberts, strength and conditioning coach has worked in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years. In his early years he specialised in the physical conditioning of professional athletes and has worked internationally as a coach. His

Accredited by the NSCA Dan Roberts’ unique approach mixes advanced strength and athletic protocols with a holistic philosophy inspired by martial arts, yoga and meditation. Together with personal training, Dan creates educational fitness workshops, international luxury boot camps as well as ground breaking body transformation packages.

For Dan, education is crucial for the expanding health and fitness industry and its growing experts. This inspires him to mentor and teach personal trainers and create fitness qualifications such as his nationally accredited Martial Arts Certificate and his Methodology X qualification. Dan is also fitness ambassador for Rays of Sunshine Children’s charity, Sparks and an exercise consultant for an Anorexia and Bulimia Care (ABC).


Where can we try Methodology X?

There is an onlineMethodology X 28 Day Workout Guide, including step-by-step instructions of the exercises, together with demonstrations by a plethora of international models (catwalk, fashion, commercial, editorial), who are represented by the world’s best agencies. It features a lifestyle, meditation and yoga guide where top models, food writers and nutritional experts share their insights and secrets.

Based on Dan’s work coaching and sculpting the European fashion elite, this workout will help your body get to the next level. You will become lean, healthy and strong without adding ‘bulk’. Your core will be strengthened, coordination improved and you will mindfully connect to your natural athleticism. Dan’s holistic philosophy shines through as he reminds you to work with your body and to see it as an instrument, not just an ornament.


Or, if you’d prefer a class environment (if you need to be pushed – oh and she will) follow Emma’s Instagram for updates on where and when she is teaching.

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