Secrets to cutting costs leading up to the festive season

How is it that time of year again? It’s only some crazy number of days until the New Year, which means there is gonna be some serious stress put on our wallets in the lead up! So, we’ve put together a few helpful suggestions so that you can still enjoy the things you love without spending all your hard earned cash before the last pay cheque of the year roles in… Oh, the thought. Don’t panic, we’ve got your backs.

Sign up to Show Film First

You’ll gain access to all those comedy shows you want to go to but can’t fathom the thought of putting down £80 to attend. Instead, have a few wines with the girls at home beforehand and you’ve got yourself a ridiculously cheap, fun night. Check out what’s on here.

Exercise outside & save money on gym classes

You still have a few extra weeks before it gets horrifically cold to run around the common, so come on, let’s get moving people. Or if you need the motivation of a class to get you going, you can find some pretty cheap introductory offers around town –  F45 London Bridge offer a £7 for 7 days trial – we can’t promise that you won’t get addicted though. HIIT or weights not your jam? There are so many yoga studios around with sweet deals too. My fav is MoreYoga (£10 for a week) and they have a few studios around the place.

It only takes 10 minutes to prep your lunch

I’d know because I timed it this morning. So, if you spend that time prepping before bed you can save 10 quid a day – you do the math – that’s a new sports bra right there just spent on your lunch time food. So go on, boil some eggs, bake some kale, cook some quinoa and add in those left-over veggies from last night’s dinner.

The cheap date night 

Pick up a bottle of red and download the Ubereats app on the way home – you get £5 taken off your first order and if someone else with the app invites you to join, you get £10 off!! There are super healthy options you can order without breaking your bank account. The beauty is, you don’t even have to leave the house – win win. Single AF? This could also be a perfect night in with the roomies and you can watch a girly rom com instead of the latest Narcos epi.



Buy a bag of All Press Beans or Ground Coffee

Instead of spending upwards of £2.50 a day at your local cafe. Filter or percolator coffee (if you’re lucky enough to have a stove at work) tastes just as good, and you don’t have to battle the “morning caffeine fix” lines en route to the office. Or even better, harass the boss for a Nespresso Machine. You can pick up sleeves of 10 capsules for as little as £2.70 which, when you do the maths… summer vaycay savings!

Download kindle books instead of buying paperbacks  

Yep, you can save a hefty £10 just by purchasing the digital version. Simply download the kindle app on your phone and purchase an e-book from Amazon and you’re away laughing. Also a plus that you can pull out your hand sized device whenever/wherever; on your morning commute. Check out our latest blog on what we recommend reading.

Did someone say activewear sale?

Stay tuned for our Black Friday sale THIS WEEK and you’ll sort some Christmas presents whilst saving a quid or two… 


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