Equi London is Active in Style's first wellness product

The word supplement can be a scary one, in part thanks to the quick-fix styles we see all over social media. But in today’s climate of busy-life-living, its no wonder more and more women are turning to supplements in the hope of claiming back some of the energy they have lost while running the rat race. This is where Equi London comes into play – a powerful nutritional formula that supports energy, detox, brain function, digestion and immunity. And the best part? It has been created by two superwomen who have had their fair share of “rat race moments”, so much so they put their heads together to come up with a beautiful product that speaks to today’s modern woman.

As a ‘for women by women brand’, we are all about embracing new products that can aid and abet our daily lives, this is why we are proud to announce that Equi London is the first official wellness product to join our global offering of top active and lifestyle brands.

Equi London is a product that will allow today’s modern woman to see the power in daily supplementation, without all the fuss. Now exclusively available in our Chelsea Concept Store, read below for a little insight into why you need to add one of Equi’s formulas to your morning routine.


The Equi Eight – the philosophy

The science behind the formulations is something really unique and quite special. Rosie and Alice, founders and creators of Equi London, set out to create something that was easy-to-understand so people could learn just how the products are different to everything else out there. This meant tacking away all of the jargon and technicalities and leaving something simplistic. The Equi Eight philosophy does just that. Essentially, we have 8 key body systems that underlie all body processes. These function all the time to keep the body running properly, communicating and working in synergy. If one of these body systems becomes compromised, then others can be affected, which ultimately can lead to imbalances and undesirable symptoms. Skin is a classic example of this – it needs immunity to be balanced, digestion to work properly and hormones need to be balanced, which is why it can be so hard to treat acne and other more severe conditions. Many other formulations work on a more superficial level, which doesn’t bring about lasting changes. You need to go deeper, and our products contain a wealth of ingredients that do this, helping to create balance and synergy that makes meaningful changes to people’s health.

Introducing Beautiful and Fundamental – the products

Both products have different types of appeal – who wouldn’t want to have great skin as well as being energised and focussed? So can you take both products at the same time? Though you can, building up to it over a few weeks, you don’t really need to, as the products are standalone and contain everything one needs to stay healthy, including vitamins and minerals.

The ingredients in both Beautiful and Fundamental are designed to support all internal body systems, and by doing so they can help with a whole manner of symptoms from. Ingredients in Fundamental target energy and concentration more than Beautiful, but Beautiful will still support both of these things as well owing to the nutrients, herbs and omegas found in this blend. We did find this with the trial, which was conducted on the 30 people taking the skin product for 1-month. There’s been no trial with Fundamental yet, but anecdotally we find that this product is incredibly good for energy and that people really notice a difference within a few days. The probiotics and adaptogenic herbs also support digestion, immunity and hormone balance which may also impact on skin as well.

Beautiful is perfect if you want to brighten skin up say for your wedding, an event or in the lead up to a holiday. It’s also ideal for those who have skin issues they want to sort out (acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea), or are spot prone. It’s also good for hormone balance especially in women, though men can and are taking it it, and loving it. 

Fundamental is more general, formulated for those who really want a hit of energy and are struggling to feel good on a day to day basis. It’s especially perfect if you workout a lot, like to party once in a while, don’t always have the time/resources to eat well and are struggling with a manner of issues owing to this lifestyle.

So, does Equi London sound like something you’d love to try today? The girls at Active in Style HQ have been taking it for over 2-months now and are feeling so much more focused and energised. We get it, supplements can be hard to navigate and understand at times, due to the amount available on the market. This is why Equi London spoke to us – simplistic and beautiful in natural, it’s no b.s.

Visit us instore to learn more today, and stay tuned for it to be available online real soon.

If you want to know more about Equi London, checkout their website here. You can also follow them on Instagram for daily inspirational updates plus news on exciting product development.  




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