So there is basically three levels of activity: Low, Medium and High Intensity. Whether you’re sweating it out in a Bikram yoga class, or running a half marathon, it is crucial to have your chest supported with comfort, and style of course! Sometimes it’s a bit tricky knowing exactly what bra would work for you and your workout, so don’t worry, we’ve got you covered… literally.


Low Intensity = yoga, pilates, and walking.


We’re not saying that yoga and pilates doesn’t get your heart racing, because if you’ve ever been to our Hip Hop Yoga class it’s sure to get your abs, thighs and butt burning. But, it’s fair to say that most likely you won’t need not as much support as you think – as long as you’re not toppling out of your crop whilst in downward dog you can get away with wearing something with a little less compression. Opt for labels like Vie Active, Varley, Nimble Activewear, or Onzie (to only name a few). Each of these brand’s DNA and functionality is designed exactly for these types of classes. Some of our favourites at the moment are:



Medium Intensity = gym classes and weight training.



It’s most likely, which I think we can all agree, that there will always be a guy or two around you when you train (unless you go to an all female gym). So, it’s not only important for you to feel confident and supported, but you don’t need no wandering eyes. The perfect type of sports bras for hitting the gym need to have medium compression, with a thicker strap – either a t-back or cross over with padding for shape. Brands to look for for a staple style that will see you through a session on the weights floor are Puma, adidas and Bjorn Borg. Lorna Jane are the holy grail of sports bras and you will find that they do a style for each intensity and level of workout. With most designs sitting in the medium impact category, you will be sure to fall in love with one, or five designs easily.




High Intensity = Running, HIIT, Crossfit, Boxing and Running.



It’s crucial to have the correct support when creating that much stress on your body during those hardcore, sweat inducing sessions. Some of our favourite bras that provide the perfect amount of compression without compromising comfort and style are Jaggad, adidas and Lorna Jane. Each of these brands provide breathable mesh, that will help you stay cool whilst absorbing up all that beautiful sweat (yes, workout is a beautiful thing). What sets a maximum support bra apart from a lower-impact design is the construction of the straps. Usually they will be much wider, thicker and support you deeper in the bust, and across your back. Adding padding adds extra support as well as shaping. You want your bra to lift and compress, this is why most are designed to be pulled over, as opposed to clipped up.





So what are you waiting for, add to your bra collection today and get the best out of your workouts by being compfy, and confident.