How to work that post-gym hair

It’s that age old question. “What do I do with my hair after the gym/exercise?”. Sometimes washing it just isn’t necessary or viable- especially if you are limited on time or have only done a low impact workout and haven’t sweated that much to require washing it. And no-one wants to use the excuse that they want to keep their hair looking good a little bit longer in order to not workout.

We don’t want your hair issues to be a problem, so what do you do when you work out daily and have already showered, and washed your hair that day. You can’t afford to do it again that week – hello dry hair alert!!

So we have put together a list of the best tips and tricks we could find (and we put them to the test too) in how to go from post-gym to fresh and flowing in just a few easy steps.


Fake That Blowout

Gone heavy and hard-core on the cardio and left your hair in a bit of a sweaty mess? What you need to do is fake that blowout. Chances are your scalp is going to be somewhat moist in sweat and this is exactly where the fake blowout comes into its own, because you don’t need to wet your hair beforehand- simply spray in a few spritzes of Duck and Dry Blowdry in a bottle into your roots, then flip your hair upside and use a hair dryer to dry the moisture from your roots and add some volume back into your post-gym hair to give it back that bounce.


Braid a-head

Thinking strategically about your hair before a work-out can really help calm down those post-gym hair woes. By creating a hairstyle such as by adding braids can easily help the transition into a post-workout style that little bit easier. This style works perfectly if you are going to be doing a low impact workout and you aren’t going to be sweating in the head region too much. Plait your normal un-product hair into some light/tight braids (depending on what you prefer) and then after your work-out you just need to un-do them for a wavy style straight from the catwalk. You can add a spritz of dry shampoo and hairspray after you undo them to keep them looking a little bit fresher and to hold for the rest of the day/night. We love using bardou’s collection for a luxury feel to our hair care in the ease of a spray!

Spray Before You Play

As gross as it sound’s sweat is nature’s salt spray- just think of it as a free application of a salt surf spray that you could pay over the odds for in a store. Sweat and oil are too completely different things and we should embrace our salty hair in creating those beach waves we crave. Even Jennifer Aniston is a big believer that sweat can contribute towards a hair product. But because sweat does come with an odour and too much of it can leave your hair limp and lifeless, we suggest adding a spritz of dry shampoo into your hair before you start working out. This prep can help absorb any additional sweat during your work-outs to leave your hair more wow than ew. We love the entire range of batiste’s for this, as they have a scent and spray for all different hair types and colour’s. But if you aren’t sure which one to go for, you can never go wrong with the original!


Curls The Way

If you have naturally wavy or curly hair, embrace your style and add in a sulfrate-free and alcohol-free product such as Joico’s contouring foam-wax into your hair, put it in a tight or messy bun (depending on your preference) to really twist and scrunch the hair together to maintain the curls when you let it down. This simple product can help keep your curls looking sassy all day long.

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