Does the iPhone 7 mean the rise of the active lifestyle?

Like most of the population, we’ve navigated a long-term, long-loving relationship with Apple. They have revolutionised consumer and social behaviour in a way that none of us ever realised was possible, and for that we thank them.  And on the eve of the release of the iPhone 7, we too have realised that life just got a whole lot sweeter.

During the revealing of the new iPhone 7 a few major changes could influence, and even change, the way we workout / take selfies. So what does it mean for us active gals? Let’s find out below…


  1. The Airpods. Apple revealed official wireless headphones which will come with the phone. As a result there’s no headphone jack! So when you’re lifting weights in the gym there’s no chance of the wires being caught….handy right. If you’ve invested in new headphones no worries, there’s an extra piece (“lightning connector”) you can attach should you really, really need a headphone jack but is this the start of a wireless future? For us less cables = less hassle. Apple 1, Life Problems 0.
  2. New camera technology. With a 12 megapixel camera, and the 7 plus with its 2 cameras, it’s instantly allowing for increased picture quality, closer zooms and better imagery shot in the dark.
  3. It’s Waterproof. With no headphone jack the iPhone 7 will now be waterproof and dust resistant. Which means our beach game just got stronger.
  4. Built-in Stereo. The speaker will be 2x times louder than the iPhone 6 so if you’re doing a peaceful yoga session or more intensive HITT workout this could come in very handy. Plus perfect for those summer picnics, bike rides around the park, and even a Friday night house party.
  5. The Chip. As well as the new features, the new A10 fusion chip (the brain of the phone) has improved hugely on the iPhone 6. It will operate 2x times faster than the 6. Meaning scrolling the Active in Style site, has just got that much better. Also the phone will provide the longest battery life on an Apple device.




It’s clear fitness has become a big factor of the new iPhone, for one showing a boxing workout for 30 seconds in it’s product video gave that away. We’d expect the Apple Watch 2 to be pushed largely in 2017 as our active lifestyles start crossing over with technology. The good news for any active girl is we’re definitely starting to get some attention. With workouts at the core of our daily lives, it’s critical we have technology that can keep up with us, and aid us to push harder, better, faster and strong. Really, it’s only a matter of time before our technology starts doing the workouts for us (ha, just kidding, we love that part).

So have you made up your mind, will you be making the switch?

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