Personalised Training vs. Having a PT – We talk the difference with evolve353

Finding a personal trainer who understands your needs can be a rarity these days. Friends have gone to join big chain gyms to only describe the intimidation they felt by PT’s pacing the floor looking for new business. Sure, their intentions are well and good; they want to help you become the best version of yourself. But for those who have never ventured down the path of paying for someone to whip them into shape, it can be a little daunting. Thankfully, there’s a new approach to training that’s occurring, because getting fit, however you choose, should never feel intimidating.

As someone who has used a Personal Trainer on and off for most of my active life, I can understand the appeal; a general everyday Personal Trainer is a starting block to understanding the fundamentals of training while being held accountable. But what if you wanted to feel more than just that?




That’s where a more personalised training approach comes into play. Personalised means, ‘designing or producing something to meet someones individual requirements’. This makes absolute sense when you have you very own road map to achieving your goals, improving your technique, and working towards your desired outcome. When you have someone other than you dedicated to you and your goal, you start to see the clearer picture.

Knowing this was what I wanted, I did my research and connected with David Arnot, Director of evolve353, South West London’s newest boutique Personalised Training studio on New Kings Road. David quickly made me see that this wasn’t just a once-weekly 45-minute session lead by a piece of paper and different sets and reps on machines (believe it or not, evolve353 actually don’t have any weight machines).

Evolve353’s approach is different, but simple, and it works. After my first session, I asked David to explain the difference between having a Personal Trainer and having a Personalised Training regime, he described it like this: “Everything you do in our gym is scaled to your ability. We have the skill to regress and progress every exercise on the spot. Whether its your personal session or taking one of our Ignite or Sculpt group classes you are here to cause adaption, and we will assist you the entire way through it.”

David and his Co-Director, Ashton Turner, have certainly pushed the boundaries in the fitness game. They have created a space that is solely focused on you and your goals. Understanding that by uniting their members in common goals, and challenges, has allowed them to create a likeminded community within their studio that inspires, motivates and encourages change, all thanks to their personalised approach.




“Our members are everything. We are trainers not entertainers, we want people to get better not just fail at the first hurdle. When a member walks in, we know their name, we know their goal, and we definitely know how to get the best out of them. Why wouldn’t we? If you want to just sweat, go to a sauna”, said David.

Noticing a considerable difference in both my form and strength in just over a month from training with David (attending 2 classes a week + 1 personalised session), I started to see just how much difference a tailored approach was helping me in more ways than just loosing a little fat. If I could feel this much change so quickly, imagine what I’m capable of achieving.

With final summer holidays on the horizon, I am determined to push myself that little bit harder to feel more confident in my bikini. But I remember that this isn’t just about reaching an optimal state of perfection. Through evolve’s ethos, and the continual support from David and Ashton, I have started to see that living actively is 100% indicative to the progress I am making along the way. So I wanted to get David’s thoughts on the whole notion of progress vs. perfection, because surely by now we should understand the difference.



The Members Goals Board


“Progress is a positive adaption that causes motivation, perseverance and the end result will be an improved version of ourselves. Perfection is a state that can never be attained in a physical sense, you may feel perfect, but in a skill or a technique there is always an improvement to be made. A word that comes to mind when someone says ‘perfect’ is ‘un-attainable’. We have a goal board and every member has an attainable goal that will cause progression and has to be hit within a month or two. Again, knowing someones goal helps with our regressions/progressions in the classes and personalised sessions.”

Talking about progress, it’s only fair we look at what makes it possible (aside from a strong mindset and wearing great fitting activewear). Technique, or Tekkers as the boys like to refer to it as, is a massive component to success, but like everything, it only gets better over time. Never my main focus in the past, I will admit that previous PT’s rarely corrected me as they only ever wanted me to go faster and push harder; how times have changed.

“Tekkers in our approach of training is pretty damn vital. Your body, like water, will move in the path of least resistance if its allowed. If people can’t swing a kettle bell because they don’t know how to hinge at the hip, they aren’t going to get better at the kettle bell swing. Improving the technique of how you swing the kettle bell will allow us to increase the weight, and your end result is a larger energy output in the session… it’s a win win,” says David.




The thing I am most excited about is sharing my new found wisdom with my girlfriends and family members, in an aim to inspire them to see the benefits of approaching their fitness goals in a more personalised way, and seeking the right information. With the fitness scene growing by the day, it’s great to know we have such a varied choice to move, be it spin studios, hot yoga, boxing classes, etc. But what’s even more exciting is knowing that there are trainers out there who don’t treat you like a number, and run with the old-school mentality of knowing your name, and high-fiving you on the way out after smashing a session.

My goal still stares me down each time I step foot in the gym, up there on the members board alongside a polaroid photo of me (and everyone else’s). I am more determined than ever to hit it, and then set a new one. Bring it on. 

If you want to know more about evolve353, visit the website here, or follow them on Instagram for daily workout videos and an inside look into the studio. You can also arrange your FREE trial class by dropping them an email.