How clean is your Yoga Mat? Here's How to clean a Yoga Mat

The life of an active girl has many obstacles along the way. One being cleaning the infamous yoga mat. Well us being the big sister you never had, we’ve got you covered. We’ve identified the best way to clean a yoga mat! And if there’s one thing to take from this post, it’s to NEVER use the washing machine.


1 x Yoga Mat (in need of a clean)

1 x Bath Tub

Spoonful of Dishwashing Liquid

1 x Soft Cloth

1 x Dry Towel

1 x Motivated Yogi Babe (also known as you)


When to wash your mat?

It’s important to get into a routine. If you practice regularly, or keep it in unusual places (like the back your car, under your bed, by your desk at the office), you should be looking to wash your mat every month, otherwise every other month should do. By doing so, you’ll likely extend the life of your mat and prevent any oder or harmful bacterias from inhabiting it.

Time to clean

Ok, so you’ve been practising your salute to the sun on the regular now. You’ve been upping your yoga game with weekly classes as well as at-home practise. We think it’s time to give your mat a clean (just like you would your yoga outfits). Our preferred method is to run a warm bath whilst adding a little splash of washing up liquid. The idea is to get enough soap to clean the mat but not too much to make the mat slippery! It’s an art we’re sure you’re capable of.

Now submerge the mat under water for about 5 minutes, this should be enough time to dislodge all loose dirt.

When soaked, wiped down both sides with a soft cloth, try to concentrate on the areas you use regularly (usually there’s spots of a darker shade depending on the mat). Also don’t use too much elbow grease as it could remove parts of the actual mat.

Rinse down, hang up

After carefully wiping the mat, it’s time for the rinse down. Let out the used water and rinse down the mat with clean water, this should remove any excess residue from the soap.

Now lay a dry towel down, shake off any excess water (never try to wring) and place the mat on the towel. The best way to dry is to roll the two together, allowing the towel to hug the mat squeezing out the remaining moisture.

Lastly, unravel the mat from the towel and find a dry place to hang up.  Keeping checking back throughout the day to see how it’s going. Once dry, roll back up and store in a safe, clean place, ready for your next mornings salute. 




Other helpful tips…

If you’re mat is peeling it might be time to let it go (don’t worry we hear yoga heaven accepts all).

Never use a washing machine or dryer both will likely ruin the mat. Save that for your Yoga Clothes

Clean your feet and hands before a yoga session.

Wipe down the mat before and after a session.

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Is this the best way you’ve tried? Let us know! We’re always looking for the best ways to clean a yoga mat… 

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