13 Top Female Athletes Who Do Yoga

Yoga and the benefits of this ancient form yoga need no introduction for many, but for the few who are yet to have lived without a form mat until now will be wonderfully surprised to see what 13 Top Female Athletes Who Do Yoga and swear by it!

Maria Sharapova – Tennis Player



Women’s World Number 1 for Tennis in 2012, Maria is still the highest paid female athlete of all time. The Russian superstar created a viral Yoga workout video in 2010, where she explained that she used Yoga to not only improve her muscle control and flexibility but also details how much it can help her mindset. GAME SET & MATCH to yoga.

Jamie Anderson – Snowboarder



After her Olympic win in 2014. Jamie was interviewed by the Huffington Post where she credited a large amount of her success to a rigorous yoga regime.

“My favorite poses are variations on the handstand and the scorpion,” she said. “You have to use your whole body, it’s physically and mentally challenging. You have to find your balance in this uncomfortable position, so when you do it, you feel like you’re really overcoming an obstacle.”

All you have to do is take one look at Jamie’s instagram and you will see why – it’s an ode to her very active life, both on and off the slopes. If you love awe inspiring photos of yoga poses in beautiful spaces then give her a follow.

Grace Gold – Figure Skater



Queen of the ice it’s no surprise to see Grace Gold on this list. Like most figure skaters Grace uses the practice for her incredible routines. She once reveled bikram yoga was her class of choice to help prepare. We can see it now… Yoga On Ice…

Chandra Crawford – Cross Country Skier



The Canadian cross country skier’s yoga game is strong. Chandara loves the practice explaining how she learnt about deepening her awareness within herself to help achieve her goals. With a gold round her neck we think she’s found that next level!

Natalie Gulbis – Golfer



Natalie has always been an avid yoga practitioner. She tweets from her account her morning yoga routine, personal videos and generally speaking highly of the practice. It’s safe to say Natalie really loves her yoga. Now back to her twitter…

Elena Delle Donna – Basketball Player



Elena starred in the MNBA in 2015 winning the MVP in what is considered the most difficult basketball league in the world. In an article at WJS.com she revealed her secrets to her MVP winning form. She suggested that during the off season she focused on maintaining strength and recovery levels. What’s this secret practice you ask? Yoga of course. She also does one on one yoga sessions twice a week throughout the season to keep that sharpness. You can’t keep a good secret for long!

Evelyn Stevens – Cyclist



Otherwise known as the incredible American two-time National Time Trial Champion, on 27 February 2016 Evelyn broke the UCI Hour Record to add to her accolades. She has be quoted saying her regular yoga practice gives her mental strength as well as physical strength on the road (wellness wire, 2012). Remember the headline of this piece? Top Female Athletes Who Do Yoga, well yoga really is in every sport!

Paula Radcliffe – Runner



The UK’s version of Superwomen( well one of two, J Ennis), Paula Radcliffe has dominated the women’s long distance running scene for a decade. The holder of the fastest ever marathon ran by a woman, Paula highlighted the importance of stretching after a marathon / long run.

In Women’s Health Magazine she said that: “ ‘Stretching is really important before a race, but even more so afterwards,’ explains Radcliffe, ‘Go for a swim or to a Yoga class to make sure you’re stretching in a relaxed and mindful way.’”

We’d say she knows a few things about recovery too. Eat – Run – Yoga – Repeat!

Hope Solo – Soccer



One of the huge American stars who shouts about yoga loudly, like a No.1 should. Hope prefers to practice dynamic yoga moves because it allows her to maintain the speed and agility required for her to compete at the top level “A lot of times, simple stretching takes away from your speed, so for me, dynamic yoga gives me the ability and empowers me to keep my speed and elongate my muscle”. Listen up as nothing passes the Solo.

Lindsey Vonn – Skier


The 31-year-old all American badass, she secured herself 1 x Olympic Gold & 2 x World Championships as well as other multiple medals to her name. A revelation in itself, when asked if she could only do a certain workout what would it be? She spoke of her love for core workouts with a special nod to yoga. “I would just do pull-ups, core, elliptical, and yoga. I love core. I feel like you can be so creative with your exercises, there are so many unique things.” (Sourced Rodalewellness.com)  Power to the mat!

Sally Fitzgibbons – Surfer


Champion surfer Sally Fitzgibbons is no stranger to the yoga mat. The Aussie beach babe has found yoga and pilates an important part of working on her core and balance. By the looks of it Yoga is proving to be working for Sally. Even the sea isn’t safe from the force which is Yoga.

Victoria Pandleton – Cyclist & Jockey



Victoria is the type of athlete that comes around once in a lifetime. She’s a multiple gold medalist for cycling and now she’s taken on the dangerous occupation of a horse racing jockey. Coming 5th in the 2016 Cheltenham Festival is only the beginning of her riding career. Again it seems Yoga is at the core of her training. In Women’s Health magazine she highlighted the importance of her stretching via yoga. Adding that she’s enjoyed learning the practice. Namaste to that we say.

Jessica Ennis – Heptathlete



Rounding off our Top Female Athletes Who Do Yoga, Jessica is the pin-up girl for team GB. Jessica rose to stardom as one of the standout stars of the 2012 London Olympics winning gold for team GB in heptathlon, and adding it to her 2 x World Championship titles. In the Yorkshire Post Jessica Ennis highlighted the importance of yoga during her pregnancy allowing her to keep up her fitness levels to prepare for the 2016 Rio Olympics. Go Jess, we’ll be barracking for you come August in all our navy, red and white glory!


So there you have it – whether you’re a beginner to the practice, or a seasoned yogi, anyone really can benefit from yoga. Sure, a professional athlete is one thing, but no matter how you choose to move each day, yoga is by far one of the best forms of movement, even if it’s just practicing deep breathing and child pose before bed.

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