What Grab & Go Snacks We Are Eating!

Hands up if you too are a serial snacker? We probably spend more time thinking about what we plan to eat next than 99% of our other daily thoughts. While thinking about the snacks one could consume in a day, it’s fair to say a few naughty treats spring to mind. This is why we love it when we discover new treats on the market that take a lot of the guess work out of whether they are bad or not. Sharing the love of emerging independent companies who are doing their part to grow the on-the-go health food space, we are all for anything that makes snacking healthily more delicious and less stressful. Because lets be honest, slaving away in the kitchen to whip up a few good-for-you snacks can be time consuming and messy (although fun when done with a bunch of girlfriends and good tunes).

Thankfully, we have managed to get our hands on a few tasty snacks and give our taste buds (and tummy) the fun job of testing them out. Who isn’t up for a little snack-a-thon every now and then? Be sure to have a read of the below and go check out each brand to see where you can taste test the too…


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There’s this dream of spending all day long in the kitchen whipping up treats for yourself and your loved ones, but the reality of a never ending to-do list, running around town, and fitting in as much as possible makes it sometimes the last thing on the list. So when you don’t have time to bake your own treats and muesli bars, you can know that KIND Bars are the next best thing, actually, they are just as good!

KIND Bars are just that: kindness all wrapped into one little bar helping make your day extra tasty, and wholesome! With over 8 different flavours featuring nutty textures and chocolate drizzle, it means no one goes without. With each bar featuring 72% nuts, you can gain all the good fats and proteins in one bite to keep you going in between your main meals of the day. When you look at it like this, it’s safe to say they are #kindaawesome.

And lucky for us, this past month we have been sneakily adding KIND Bars in all orders online at activeinstyle.com, and the feedback we have received is so positive! We are more than happy to share the love of a product we believe in. So if you find yourself loving something just as much, do the KIND thing and share it around.





Are they a chip? Are they a crisp? What are they?! Whatever they may be, it’s fair to say we are a Pop Chip convert. Pop Chips will be making a regular appearance in our pantry from this day forward as they are not only made from real ingredients (hello potatoes), the team at Pop Chips have worked uber hard to produce a product that’s like a chip, but way healthier. Never deep fried, they are in fact pressurized in heat and then quickly released with air to POP. Sounds simple right?

Recalling the first time we got our grabby hands on a packet of Pop Chips, it was at a friends BBQ one summer eve. From that day forward life changed as we knew it. Pop Chips are perfectly un-fried, crispy goodness, tasty n’ flavourful. With a little dash of high oleic oil, massaged with a few favourite spices and seasonings, they make for the perfect 3:30 pick me up, commute snack, or sharing around with friends. A chip with all the flavour and half the fat. We are sold. Featuring good old classic sea salt to barbecue and thai sweet chilli. You can’t go past the mature cheddar & onion or sea salt & vinegar. Long live Pop Chips.


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We first came across these delectable bars at one of Tally Rye’s Secret HIIT Clubs back in March, and we spent a good part of the year tracking them down again (aside from being able to buy them online). Get this… they are the very first good-for-you desert bar! Yes, you heard that right. All you need to know is that Rhythm108 is probably one of the best on-the-go desert snacks you could have on standby. With each flavour servicing your hunger needs anytime of day, from morning, noon and night, you know you can get your hit. Made by hand in the Swiss Alps (cute, right!), they are GMO-free, organic, feature no more than 8 ingredients, and are filled to the brim with character and love. What more could an active girl ask for in a snack? Also not to mention the packaging is super cite.

With each bar being no more than 180 calories per serve, they taste like goodness in every mouthful. Not only are they produced using the finest ingredients, they are also consciously made ensuring each product is ethically sourced.

If you are craving a little piece of Apple Pie after dinner, or battling that 3:30 crunch time, we can assure you that Rhythm108 is the way to go! Trust in the yogi, trust in the sweet tooth.





The products range from white chocolate covered blueberries, which is one of our all time fave snacks from their entire collection. They are sweet, they are crisp, they are blueberry goodness, all the way to spicy wasabi covered treats, through to chocolate covered biscuit bars in milk, dark AND white chocolate. Yeah, it’s safe to say there is something for everyone. And if chocolate isn’t your thing, you have to try their Fruit Cocktail flavoured Jelly beans! The flavours are just amazing, and give you that sweet, sugary, naughty feeling without the calories.

They only use natural ingredients/natural sugars. So Tasty Little Numbers are able to create these amazing little snacks that are perfect for someone that is busy, or just someone that loves eating right but hates the calculating that comes with it. They are ready to just pop in your bag, to have on the go, or while you watch back-to-back episodes of Game of Thrones. Perfectly packaged, already weighed out, tasty feel good food.

We absolutely adore this idea, if you haven’t already realised that by now. Congrats Tasty Little Numbers you have made it onto one of our Favourite Companies list for healthy and intuitive ideas.




Living healthily shouldn’t have to be boring and dull, but sometimes you just want to grab a cookie or chocolate and not feel the guilt. Which is why we love Diablo – the devilishly good treats without the sugar. These little bad boys take away all the naughtiness without compromising on the taste. They pride themselves on creating products that taste incredible without no added sugar. And they are also the first company in the UK to create s low-sugar confectionery range.

This is a trend that we can 100% see excelling before the end of the year. Because we all do just want cheeky treats that are good for us every now and then. Their products range from chocolate bars, cookies, sweets all the way through to muesli bars and even spreads; and they even make low-sugar nutella. Yes! We recommend trying the soft baked chocolate chip and cranberry cookies; they taste as soft and gooey and crumbly as mumma’s.

So if you get snack cravings but want to be good, we highly recommend giving these treats a try. All very different in taste, but comprising of a similar model, we can guarantee you can stick to eating a wholesome daily diet full of delish home made treats and meals with handy on-the-go snacks that certainly curve those cravings! 

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