Get their look: Celebrities Do Athleisure in Real Life

Fair enough, you and I aren’t celebrities, and we will most likely never be. But there is just something so satisfying about following their “daily” lives on social media and realising that they too workout and wear activewear to the supermarket. Hurrah. They live like us. 

With the rise of the athleisure trend, its no wonder that more and more of our fave celebs are opting to wear activewear during their downtime instead of ridiculous OTT trends. For once, we can actually feel as though we are living like them too. Yet in saying that, the only difference between Taylor Swift and I is that when she leaves a workout, she doesn’t come out looking all red-faced and sweaty like me. 

Anyway, incase you doubted your athleisure styling capabilities, we look at the who who’s of the fit fashion #stylecrew to prove once and for all… everybody’s doing it! Read on to see who’s looks we want to copy, and how we plan on doing so.  



The queen of Instagram isn’t afraid to pull off pieces you and I probably wouldn’t ever consider. Gigi manages to make an oversized coat look chic with just a sports bra and leggings. With her model body, Gigi could wear a paper bag to boxing and still look effortlessly cool. Making the move to NYC has seen her up her style game inside and outside the gym, which still sees the abs on show. Naturally.






Then there is Gigi’s right hand girl and all-round BFF, Kendall. Usually you’ll find these two together strolling around Hollywood post-pilates class. For her everyday athleisure look, this Kardashian-Jenner pulls off the simple two piece style: a cropped tank or sports bra and a plain pair of long leggings. For extra measure, she usually wears a pair of aviators and baseball cap (most likely to hide from the paps) and a cool pair of kicks. 






If you are anything like us, you’ve watched Khloé dedicate almost every day of the past two years to a seriously intense fitness regime, largely lead by the one and only Gunnar Peterson of Gunnar Fitness fame (and of course her own motivation too). Khloé makes no mistake of showing off her hard work in her activewear choices, but when you have a body like that you want to show it off. Tight, fitted and sleek designs are her go-to with occasional bursts of neon colour and animal prints.






Being the English rose she is, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has always held herself with absolute grace when it comes to her pre and post workout look. Keeping things chic and classy right down to her nails, this ex-Victoria Secret model isn’t afraid to show off her toned arms and perky derrière. Classic lines with mesh detailing and the occasional print, she always keeps things looking sleek yet sporty.






Last but not least, this all-round Latina beauty isn’t one to shy away from a striking print that lets her standout. Almost always stepping out in a printed capri legging, she teams her look with a black trainer and black top, accessorising with an oversized handbag ad active cap. Sofia is pretty true to her athleisure style and keeps things consistent in an effortless all-black look. This is one active girl who knows what works for her.



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