Meet the duo behind Australian Activewear brand, Nimble Activewear

It’s no surprise the Aussies have it in the bag when it comes to great activewear. After all, it’s the country leading the crusade in the athleisure trend that is seeing women go from work to working out and enjoying great food and company while wearing activewear. With near-perfect weather all year round, and an active spirit like no other, Australians know what is needed to live the active lives they all seem to practise; it just means a great pair of fitting leggings is at the top of their list.

One Australian brand that is challenging the status quo in the activewear space is Nimble Activewear. Co-founders, Vera and Katia, set out to do something different and produce capsule collections that were unique to the market. Unlike many other activewear brands, they produce, design and manufacture each range from their head quarters in Sydney, Australia. Considered a rarity in this day and age, locally sourcing fabrics and manufacturing has attributed to their success, and subsequently has allowed them to deliver a collection that is every inch ethical and fashionable, and highly in-demand. 

With the launch of the latest collection now online at, we took 5 with the dynamic duo to get an insight into the brand, the design process, and to learn what we can expect next… 

The story behind a name. Where did Nimble come from and was it always the name you had in mind?

In choosing a name, we wanted something easily recognisable that was representative of what we were creating with the brand and the products on offer.

We loved the simplicity of the word “NIMBLE” and felt that it really encapsulated the brand – the 6 letters also worked incredibly well with the 3 x 3 grid concept that we landed on for the logo.

A fun fact – our logo actually moves around and is presented in many different iterations – in each variation of the logo, the “N” in the top left and “E” in the bottom right are anchored down whilst the other letters all move around in the grid, thus making our actual logo / identity nimble in itself!


Each collection sees a new print and pattern brought to life – do you carefully curate the prints in house? Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Yes, absolutely – we work with a great team to bring new prints to life each collection. Being based in Bondi Beach, arguably the Australian epicentre of all things health & wellness, we are constantly inspired by the community surrounding us.

We love trying out different studios and a range of workouts to understand what it is that women require from their activewear across a whole range of disciplines.

And of course, we are inspired by the world of fashion – with the current athleisure trend, it is critical that our collections are not only functional and on-trend but can also take our customers from their workouts straight into the rest of their day.


What would you say is the biggest thing a woman looks for when it comes to great fitting activewear?

When shopping for activewear, women look for a combination of comfort, fit, technical fabrics and flattering design and panels – these are certainly the key design guidelines that we go by when producing each of our collections!

What do you girls feel is the biggest driving force to pushing the boundaries in the activewear space? Naturally, new brands are popping up everyday now, so what makes Nimble different?

We created the brand after being frustrated, as consumers, at the lack of quality and accessible workout wear and that is something that we have not lost sight of.

We have worked hard to source the very best in technical fabrics and work closely with everyone through each step of the production process to make sure that each garment fits like a glove, is super comfortable and importantly, functions as it is supposed to.

We are constantly receiving feedback from our customers and community which filters back into each new collection. We also work with a range of fitness professionals to test each new style to make sure that they truly perform as intended. Being locally made, we also have a great advantage of being able to react to feedback and trends very quickly to offer our customers exactly what they are looking for!



We LOVE that you design and manufacture in Australia. This needs to happen more! How have you managed to keep your RRP quite low considering the age old notion that anything manufactured in your home country usually sees a higher cost?

We love that the entire design and production process for Nimble Activewear happens right here in Sydney! Being locally made enables us to have much greater control over the production process, work very closely to market and turn around trends and feedback much quicker than our competitors.

We work directly with suppliers through each step of the production process and design our collections in-house to make sure that no shortcuts are taken when it comes to quality but also that our RRP stays true to our vision for the brand.

I love the juxtaposition between both your backgrounds – one from fashion, one from finance. Has this played to your advantage in starting up and growing the brand?

We find that our skills are really complementary and allow us to tackle different aspects of the business. We are also constantly learning from each other and building on our own skill sets. Despite having such different backgrounds and skills, we both share the same vision for Nimble Activewear which is very important in ensuring a harmonious office!

If you could see Nimble worn by any celeb or influencer, who’d it be?

To be honest, the biggest endorsement for us is seeing the collection out there in the community. We still get such a buzz seeing women around us wearing Nimble Activewear – it really is the biggest endorsement for our products and what we have created with the brand!

Lastly, what’s next for Nimble Activewear? Got anything in the pipeline that we need to know about…

To keep growing our range, investing in innovative technologies and continue to help women get moving, get active and get healthy.

We have some exciting developments in the pipeline both domestically and offshore so stay tuned!


Kick fire questions…

Wake up time, the first thing you do, workout or leave that for later in the day?

VY: Workout

KS: Workout

Breakfast of choice?

VY: Avocado on toast
KS: Avocado on buckwheat toast

If there was one workout you could do for the rest of your life what would it be?

VY: Coastal run from Bondi to Clovelly

Your go-to workout outfit?

VY: LAUREN Long Tights in Smoke teamed with the MAGGIE Performance Top

KS: LAUREN Long Tights in Midnight Leaf teamed with the GEMMA Tank


Nimble Activewear is one of the collections we look most-forward to with their luxe prints and feminine fits. Be kept in the know on our new arrivals by signing up to our newsletter here so you don’t miss out on owning a style. You can also FOLLOW NIMBLE on Instagram to get a sneak peek at their collection launches. 
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