Compression Leggings: What are they all about?

Want to know the secret ingredient to pushing your body to new personal bests inside and outside the gym? Self-belief. Ok ok, we know you’ve got that, but we may just have one additional weapon that can help you achieve maximum support as you go from strength to strength in your training. Read on…

While we are first to admit that the leggings we wear need to look fashionable, we are also hell-bent on ensuring they perform a certain way; making sure the fabric and overall construction can withstand whatever our workout throws at them, we can’t look past the standout brands doing their best to produce high-performing compression leggings that aid muscle recovery and increase blood flow while sucking, tucking and holding you in in all the right places.

Brands like Jaggad2XUHPE and Lorna Jane all stock a host of different compression leggings that aid and support the body in motion. 2XU in particular is engineered with athletes in mind. Tried and tested at the Australian Institute of Sport, their products are put through the paces from pre-workout, competition, and cool-down. Considered the most advanced compression technology, 2XU fabrics promote increased blood flow for faster warm-up and greater oxygen to muscle tension. This instantly allows the body to be quicker and more limber in its active ways. Who knew a pair of workout leggings could be so revolutionary, and still look so darn good?

With running season here, and the London Marathon approaching, we are getting asked more and more about compression leggings and their benefits. For a new to moderate runner, wearing a compression legging will benefit you from that dreaded “rolling-down-waistband.” Aside from the added bonus of keeping the legs cool and warm, this would also have to be one of the biggest bonuses when wearing a pair of compression leggings. For an intimidate to advanced runner, compression leggings provide optimal support for the body as it goes for longer as temperatures rises and muscles tire – especially critical for that post-run recovery.

If you are on the hunt for a new pair of leggings, why not consider compression leggings? Whilst they may take a little extra struggle to pull on (they need to be extra firm around the waist and through the legs so they can do their thing) they will no doubt support you in your race to living your best life.

Wearing compression is about finding the extra support you need, whatever style you are after we have something for you:

High Waisted Compression Leggings – Sits above the belly button, they tuck and hold you in ensuring you are all smoothed out and supported around the mid-section. Ideal for yoga and pilates.

Mid Rise Compression Leggings – Whether they are a capri length or long, mid-rise will sit just below the belly button but above the hips. A comfortable fit that allows you to bend and move. Try for cycling, spin and rowing.

3/4 Compression Leggings Ideal for warmer weather, this style is perfect for high intensity exercises like Crossfit, Running and HIIT workouts.

7/8 Compression Leggings A happy medium length, they crop just above the ankle giving you a flattering fit and support throughout all seasons.

Full Length Compression LeggingsTaking all of the same components as above, a longer length can double up as a great pair of tights for the winter, teamed back with boots or a cool pair of sneakers.



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