The Camo Edit: How To Wear The Trend of 2016 Everyday

You heard it here first; camo is making a serious comeback. We are seeing elements of this old-school Army-inspired uniform popping up everywhere, and for good reason. When you consider what is involved in living your best active life, you need something that shows the world you are determined to go forth and achieve all that is possible. Donning a pair of HPE Combat Leggings shows everyone in your wake that you mean serious business!

Unlike the use of camouflage to blend in, there will be no mistaking that the camo trend is all about standing out. If it was good enough for Donatella Versace to send a bevy of blondes down a runway for her Spring 2016 show proclaiming love not war, we know we are onto a good thing. Taking it in your stride, know that this isn’t about fitting in or conforming to a high-street fad, but more of a celebration as a strong, independent and active woman. To us, that is what wearing camo is all about.

Now a steady staple in our Activewear wardrobe, we are excited to introduce you to the vibe wearing camo can give off. Embracing camouflage prints for your active wardrobe right now will add that perfect punch to the nudes and neutrals of your everyday spring fashion, while adding a serious edge in a versatile way. If you’re looking to take your basics from weekend to workout, adding a piece of camo here and there will give you instant street-cred with a side of swagger.

To help inspire you on your camo crusade, I’ve pieced together 3 looks that can instantly be replicated for your everyday life. Taking full advantage of the fact that we have secured EXCLUSIVE designs by London brand, Human Performance Engineering (HPE), I have no doubt you will find a look that works for you. Let me know what you think, and whether you will be trying your hand at a little camo love! 


When we get into workout mode, we instinctively get into warrior mode. We want to push ourselves harder, faster and come out stronger. Taking this into account, it makes sense to wear an outfit that reflects the fighter mentality. A compression legging that wicks moisture while compressing the muscles is an instant game-changer. Add a supportive sports bra and a pop of colour, and you are good to go.



SHOP THE LOOK //  Phoebe Tank, Viper Bra, Black Combat Legging



Ok, I know what you’re thinking, “camo at work, yeah right!” While you may be one to stay loyal to a uniform of black and white from Zara, I am here to tell you that you can add a hint of camo to the mix and still keep things corporate-chic. For instance, the Cross X Seamless Legging in grey by HPE is a no-brainer because of its soft fit and subtle design. Team back with an overside white blouse, black blazer and some gold hardware, and volia, serious edge.



SHOP THE LOOK // X Back Elastic Bra, Cross X Seamless Camo Legging



Hallelujah. A trend that can transcend the gym and into everyday wear (ha, well that’s activewear for you babe). But honestly, if there is one trend in 2016 you try, make it camo. It is the perfect print to inject into your wardrobe for a weekend of crunching, brunching, flower shopping, meal prepping and just generally having a grand old time. You could start with the Pilot Athletic Tank to team back with boyfriend jeans, black leggings or anything khaki.



SHOP THE LOOK // Harkness Luxe Camo Tank, Fitter Bra, Polly Core Ankle Biter Tight 


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