Who runs the world. . . Girls! A night with The #GirlGains

On Friday 15th January, at 18:30, the Transition Zone in Parsons Green was alight with energy. The #GirlGains team had entered the building. Tally, Vic and Zanna are three fierce friends on a mission to empower women around the world to be bold and chase down their dreams – their gains – whatever they may be, and we got to experience it first hand at the recent #GirlGains event.

Around 50 girls attended, and to my delight, we were all of different ages and from a variety of backgrounds. Some girls were just starting their fitness journey and others were more experienced exercisers (I saw you hardcore burpee girl), but what everyone had in common was their desire to connect and move with likeminded women in the #GirlGains community. As much as we all wanted to learn something new about fitness and training, to take away and apply in our own time, I honestly believe everyone was there to make some new friends.. something the #GirlGains have worked hard at in instilling in their community.



The evening started with a workout session which was split across five unique stations, including body weight exercises, dumbbells and kettle bells, boxing, TRX and power plates – a really great variety of exercises to sink our teeth into and push it hard. Red faces, sweat tear drops, panting and puffing. It was brilliant. I think the most impressive thing for me was seeing the care that Tally, Vic and Zanna took of their groups. Each of them shouted motivation as we went from rep to rep and corrected technique as exercises were being performed (something so important to help prevent injury and ensure that we carry forward excellent technique for our solo training sessions at the gym).

Lots of smiles passed through each of the stations until one complete round of the circuit was accomplished – it was hard work but obviously enjoyable! I mean, who doesn’t like having their ass whooped by a bunch of stellar fitness professionals dressed in beautiful lycra?

Following the workout, we had a Q&A session with Tally, Vic and Zanna, as well as a few trainers from The Transition Zone. The girls provided a refreshingly honest view of the fitness industry and it’s clear that their ‘no nonsense’ approach resonates with girls who aspire to be like them. Thankfully there was a refuel station full of delicious eats from Fresh Fitness Food and Neat Nutrition protein shakes to replenish our energy levels into the evening. We also had the cutest Active in Style pop-up on standby so everyone could try on the latest and greatest kit that’s just landed in store (bashful self-promo plug… but seriously, go checkout what’s new)




At first, to the unassuming Instagram stalking, the notion of #GirlGains may seem like another cliché thing, but I am a total convert to any movement that is empowering women in whatever way they choose to do so. As Tally pointed out, ‘gains’ aren’t just about building muscle; it’s about gains and progress in all areas of your life. I couldn’t help but feel infected by their passion for success and supporting people on a journey to find theirs. They recognise how competitive girls can get when it comes to fitness – how everyone dreams of having the perfect body and comparing themselves and fitspo photos in their Insta feeds – but the aim of #GirlGains is to demolish those thoughts and uplift, empower and stop the comparing. It’s honestly time everyone started to feel perfect in their imperfectness.




All in all, it was an amazing evening of girls supporting girls, and it felt at one stage like something you could only ever find amongst an army of females (sorry, boys). We women are a fierce bunch, and there’s no better way to demonstrate our powerfulness than hitting a 45-minute workout out of the ballpark while cheering each other on.

Who runs the world? Girls.

To find out more about #GirlGains check out their website and follow the #thegirlgains on Instagram to keep up to date on all things Tally, Vicky and Zanna.


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