Introducing KOBOX: a boxing gym in London like no other

When I find out that a new, specialist boutique boxing gym in London will be opening it’s doors, my heart flutters. I immediately have to book into what will, I’m sure, become my new fitness obsession. So imagine my delight and squeals of joy to hear that a new boxing gym has opened on Kings Road, Chelsea. YES – you read this right, a new gym in West London.

Fronted by Shane Collins, a ridiculously over qualified trainer of all sorts of sporting and celebrity super stars, KOBOX offers specialist boxing classes that will absolutely get you hot and sweaty. KOBOX opened its doors on 12th December and I was fortunate enough to get in to one of the very first classes with a few of my fellow exercise junkies (also known as my friends).



Inside the KOBOX studio

As we’ve come to expect from boutique London studios the space is kitted out with all the top-notch equipment you could want and need. The changing rooms are beautifully laid out with loads of space to chill after class and take a bit of recovery ‘me time’. Trust me, you’ll need it!

All kitted up with boxing gloves and chanting the mantra ‘move like a butterfly, sting like a bee’ (ovs!), we entered the studio ready to box our way into next week. The space is impressive and bigger than expected. Water filled teardrop boxing balls hang from the ceiling with a stillness that screams ‘HIT ME!’ and there is additional equipment in the room that made me quickly realise that this would be no ordinary boxing class. #GULP

Let the KOBOX-ing commence!

The class begins with a 5 minute warm up, including skipping rope and shadowboxing, as well as learning the KOBOX ‘punch by numbers’ approach. Then we really get into it with rounds of punching the bags over 1, 2 or 3 minutes – WHY is it so exhausting!? There are 6 different punches to master throughout the session, all of which are called out by Shane in combinations. If however, you’re the sort of person who typically gets lost in these sorts of routines (#me) the numbers are also projected onto the wall.

To really get your whole body firing, the class incorporates heavy ball slams against the walls and a weights section. It’s truly EPIC. There are lots of other toys in the room as well, such as resistance bands that are fixed to the wall to allow clients to chest fly or back row, for example. There are also Olympic rings that can be incorporated into the workout. I CANNOT wait to try these!



Something for everyone

You will get out of KOBOX whatever you put in. If you want it to be a grueling workout where you box like a badass and it justifies a post-class pizza, then that’s exactly what it can be. Similarly, if you’re completely new to boxing and aren’t really sure about the technicalities of throwing a punch, then KOBOX is the PERFECT fit for you. The class is so simple but massively effective. The people are so nice and masters of what they do.

I honestly haven’t had so much fun in a session in such a long time – I must have worked my core doubly hard with all the laughing. Shane brings his Irish charm to the studio and he has a wicked, dry sense of humour that will have you sniggering behind your boxing gloves. He’s also pretty easy on the eyes which, you know. . . is OK [winky face].

If you’re up for a challenge and prepared to try a new way of training (it’s aerobic, but not running) then ABSOLUTELY head down to KOBOX; punch your frustrations away and grab a delicious shake – you’ll be hooked like me, so I’ll probably see you there!


If after meeting Shane you think you might want to get to know him a little better, check out my Q&A with him on Get Your Kicks and read about his journey to becoming the KOBOX King.


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  1. Manu Garcia Madrid
    February 18, 2016

    Love this review. The concept is brilliant. Two questions before travelling myself to London and test it:

    1)Is there only one instructor in the same room? Can he give attention to 40 people in the room?
    2)More woman > man in the sessions?

    Thank you so much,
    You’re awesome

    • June 21, 2016

      Hi Manu,

      Yes one instructor per session. They show you the routine and use a projector on the wall to show your boxing combos. Yes they give a lot of attention they walk around the room it is a class around the effort you put in!
      Yes the London one from experience it’s a 70/30 split of women.

      You’re awesome too xo

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