Finding the right sports bra for your daily move sesh is like navigating the racks at Zara during jeans season: option-overload-chaos. But it doesn’t have to be like this, not when you can understand exactly what fit to look for, and more so, how to ensure you get the most wear out of it.

The best way to categorise the many sports bras on offer is by grouping them into 3 types of support: Low Impact, Medium and Maximum. When you consider the vast variations of workouts we can do – my week goes from power pump, to yoga, to running and HITT – it makes sense to have the right sports bra for the right workout to ensure you are protecting the ‘girls’ in all the right ways.




We have noticed that you girls love your sports bras (as much as you do your leggings) and it’s with good reason. Nothing gets us more excited then unwrapping an amazing new design, we just have to ensure it’s the right fit first (if not, you can assume we will simply wear it around the house). So, if you are finding yourself in a conundrum of which sports bra is right for me and my workout, well look no further. With our combined experience in fitting and recommending sports bras to women of all shapes and sizes, you can rest assure that ACTIVEinSTYLE has the right one for you.

Do you have a favourite sports bra you can’t let go of? Or, do you have any tricks for finding the right sports bra for you? Share below.  

Unfortunately it isn’t a matter of picking the prettiest style and praying for the best; you need to first figure out what type of activities you will be doing in it. This will steer you in the right direction of what to look for in design, then the brand (some specialise in maximum support more so than others), and then of course, the colour or print. It also helps to think about what type of top, tank or t-shirt you will be wearing with it.




A low impact sports bra is designed for those less strenuous and impactful activities where you won’t be bouncing around or jumping up and down. We consider a low impact activity anything that doesn’t involve these things, like a barre class, pilates, yoga and stretching. The things you want to look for in a sports bra for these workouts is a thinner strap, lower neckline and minimal padding (or in most cases none). This style of bra is usually like a bralette and suited for a smaller bust. Brands to look for are Onzie, Vimmia and Nimble.




A medium support sports bra is for those in-between workouts, or the kind that has a mixture of low to medium moves like a fitness class, walking, dancing or a weights session. These styles shouldn’t feel too restrictive or compressive, like a maximum one will, but offer more support compared to the low impact styles. A medium style is a great basis to begin with as it will cover off all areas to ensure you are supported first and foremost. You will find that the medium support will not always equal a thinner strap, like the Vie Active Holly Crop featured above – this is more like a complete crop top. Brands to look for include Lorna Jane, Running Bare and Vie Active.




A maximum support sports bra will offer you complete support across all areas of the back, bust and neck. These are designed for high impact workouts where you will be doing all sorts of burpees, squat jumps and running for miles. The key to a perfectly fitting maximum style is that it compresses and feels firm. This is how you get the support. The straps will usually be thicker or wider, along with the back too. Deep or longer in fit as well as sitting higher under the armpit, you will feel secure and supported as you go rep for rep. The bonus of added padding means not only are ‘the girls’ protected, but it offers a nice shape too. An essential for a bigger bust, look to go up a size too. For extra support you can always layer a maximum style over a medium impact with no padding (that’s our trick). Lorna Jane offer a wide variety as do Running Bare.


A good sports bra is like a best friend: supportive and close to your heart! 

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  1. Kate Lowman
    October 18, 2015

    There are a lot of different sport bras but as to me it should be comfortable. 2 weeks age I took a chance and ordered such item on the internet http://www.cosabella.com/en-us/triathlon-longline-bra and I am satisfied with that.

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