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Ambassador Programme

Be an Activeinstyle Ambassador...

The ActiveInStyle Ambassador Club is designed to reward those instructors who are willing to represent their favourite brands through their work and active lifestyle. We want to work with ambassadors who are actively promoting healthy living in their community, and support our aim to encourage all women to lead an active life.

Ambassadors will be offered an initial 15% discount for use exclusively online at

Ambassadors will then have the opportunity to increase their discount to 20% by referring three clients to our website. The names of these clients can be emailed to, once these clients have made a purchase, the ambassadors discount will be increased.

Additionally, all ambassadors will be able to access a further 15% discount code each month – this 'one off' code can be given to a client of their choice. This is so ambassadors can reward hard working clients, those who have achieved their goals, who are celebrating a birthday, or who might just need a little extra incentive to keep them motivated on their fitness journey.

Our aim is to inspire women to live their best life through active living. We understand that if you look good you are more likely to feel good and this will motivate you to get active in style. If you are an outdoor fitness, pilates, yoga, dance or gym instructor, personal trainer, professional athlete or fitness model you may be eligible for the discount. See below for what you will need to do to qualify.

TO REGISTER and become part of the ActiveinStyle Ambassador Club – please send through the following information to

  1. Name:
  2. Age:
  3. REPS registration number:
  4. Areas of specification: e.g. Pilates instructor; Yoga instructor; personal trainer etc
  5. Business name & website:
  6. Locations: e.g. South West London working in parks and gyms in Battersea, Clapham and Wandsworth primarily
  7. Twitter name:
  8. Facebook page:

Once you have completed the above and sent it to, you will receive an email confirming your registration as an Activeinstyle Ambassador and your discount code to use online at

Terms & Conditions

Codes must be used by the registered individual only and for the purchase and wear of clothing for themselves alone. Purchases using the ambassador discount codes will be monitored accordingly. Activeinstyle reserves the right to withdraw discount codes when required.

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